Saturday, December 7, 2019

North Pole Breakfast 2019 :: Rose has Returned with Resentment

The downstairs has cleared.

It's quiet for a moment.

Just her and I remain.

Scattered crumbs and half eaten donuts cover the kitchen table.

She's still there, perched on top of a green balloon, giving me the stink eye.

She's wondering how long she will be left to hold the same position.

How many times will she frantically be moved at 6 am before the girls wake up?

She's wishing that she was purchased by a more organized, less scattered parent.

She's hoping to be re-gifted to a family with out an over-sized german shepherd. Most years her red felt jumper is covered in dog hair probably due to the fact that I've dropped her just a few times in the middle of her moves.

She's judging my thrown together North Pole Breakfast. She talks the other elves - she knows the big elaborate shindigs captured on Instagram and shared countless times on Pinterest.

She's giving me a look that says, "Let's not mess it up this year, okay?".

Rose is back.

The high maintenance elf has returned with all her animosity! 

The full letter is below. I know that Rose begrudgingly included a P.S. to cover my butt. When she was a young elf she dreamt of different life, but she got stuck with me. 

This year Morgan read the entire letter out loud - she didn't miss a single word!

Rose brought ornaments for our playroom tree!

She even brought one for Shelby, though she is no longer a believer - tisk, tisk.

This year the letter brought messages of kindness {guess that doesn't apply to her relationship with me}.

So, Hooray Hooray {I know you can just feel my excitement} it's Christmas...the time of year where you can hear "Oh, crap! If forgot to move that dang elf" ring through my house at around 11 pm each night!

Let me tell you Canva is a lifesaver. I created our sign, Rose's letter and the food picks all using Canva. You can design amazing images for free. This is not an add, but do get Canva Credits when you use my link to create for first flyer, poster, facebook image, pretty much anything...Click here to start designing! 

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