Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sweet 16 Bohemian Brunch

Shelby turned 16! And what a better way to wrap up the first week of school, but to have another shin-dig just a week after the last week.

Shelby and I had been planning this one for awhile and it came together beautifully.

Let me just tell you that on Saturday morning I sounded just like the kid in the Oh my god I love chipotle video:

I love Party Planning! Party Planning is my Life!

We stepped up a notch this time and move all the furniture out my living room, then I "borrowed" some pallets from my friend, Chris, and I created a Bohemian Masterpiece. 

I had been purchasing throw pillows on clearance and second hand for months now. And I finally put my vintage glasses, my Granny's everyday dishes and other collected pieces to good use. 

I re-used decorations from Matt's party and also from Morgan's Vintage Puppy Party (happened in March, but I will post it tomorrow...finally...sorry Mo).

Shelby had a donut birthday cake, I bought a bunch of different bakery items and fruit. So, I only really "made" bacon, sausage and mini chicken and waffles. 

I wasn't sure how the kids would take to sitting closely to one another on the floor, but after about two minutes they all got comfortable and started chowing down.

As they ate they watched a montage of Shelby...a very long one...I have way to many pictures of that girl. It's at the end of this post incase you want to sit through it. 

Then it was time for Cake! or should I say Donuts! 

That was my "move some stuff out of the way because I don't want these Sparkler candles to set the house of fire" look

After cake they literally sat in the living room for an hour. I had added a completion of old Disney music for their childhood (Hannah Montana, Jonas Brother, High School Musical) to the video playlist for the party. I thought maybe they would think it was stupid, but they LOVED IT and all bolted out the lyrics at the top of their lungs! 

Before everyone left we broke out the polaroid and took some pictures! 

And there were more laughs. 

I loved that Emma could be there. She won the award for Shelby's longest friendship at the party. 

They met the Summer before Bekah was born and every time we would visit the Grandparents Shelby insisted on seeing Emma. 

The guys were conspiring against her!

And yep they picked her up for a picture!

Shelby had a blast and that is all that really matters. I hesitate to say it, but I love this age! I love the friendships and the fun! And oh man, do I love throwing a good party!!!

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