Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

So how many of you are super excited about Halloween falling on a Monday? Yep, me too.

Prepare yourself for the normal overload of past Halloween pictures! Ready?

Let's start with this year.

Originally my Trunk or Treat theme was going to be Wizard of Oz, but after three fights over which child would be Dorothy and a youtube video about halloween makeup up, the decision was made to go with Woodland Creatures.

I mean there really is only one Dorothy in this house:

Me, Twenty Years Ago

A Fox, A Mouse, A Deer and a Lumberjack at Trunk or Treat! 

I LIVE for events like this - I have to stop denying that this is my love language. 

I had a blast creating the girls’ costumes, starting with my little mouse. 

Then, my deer just came together awesomely.

More pics of the girls

You may be say, “Well, where is Shelby?” That girl has herself super committed to school, thus, unable to attend trunk or treat on a night that she is working a play. But incase you were missing her face, here is a flashback of Shelby’s Halloweens: 

and my second baby:

and my third baby: 

Hope you have a a wonderful, safe Halloween even if it is on a Monday - Blah! 

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