Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We've Been Dancing

This past weekended we wrapped up Bekah's first year of dance.

We had stage rehearsal at a local high school and Bekah sat (somewhat nervous) for her turn.

And then I received the dreaded message, that most parents get these days, my storage was full on my phone. 

I really, really tried to not be a dance mom, but I may have over done her make-up just a bit. 

Before her first performance she was so nervous. She wouldn't sit, she wouldn't play with her friends. She was even getting frustrated that her friends were playing games. I asked "are you nervous?" to which she replied, "I do not get stage fright." Oh, Bekah. 

I left her in the green room back stage and then sat anxiously in the audience. It seemed like for ever to get through nine other dances, then there she was! 

I may have shed a few tears.

I may have said "yes! she went back to her mark!".

I may have clapped super loud and even let an audible cheer!

As soon as the lights when down I was out of my seat headed back to help her change. This time I was met with excitement! She was ready to do it again. She had a blast! 

She was so pumped that she didn't bat an eye about going back into the chaotic, loud green room where all of the girls waited for their turn on stage. 

Again, I waited, it really did seem like a long time and it probably was - they were number 10 and number 31 in the line-up. 

Tongue chewing - I think it's a genetic trait...her big sister does it, too.

She tapped her heart out! 

I wish I would have snapped a picture of Morgan during the recital. My music loving child had a blast and cannot wait to be "on the big stage" next year with her sister. 

This all reminds me of when Bekah's big sister danced...oh how time flies. 

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