Monday, April 11, 2016

Find Bright Stars in Your Darkness

As I was driving to the studio last night I was constructing  (and deconstructing) what my answer would be the question that somewhat haunted me:

What would I tell someone who was listening about how to get out of the muck of their life? If I was talking to someone who had totally lost hope, what would I say? What is one of the steps to help them move forward towards peace? 

What a question; It does put a lot of pressure on someone, but then again what a privilege to be able to share what has helped me with others. 

Want to know what came up again and again like a broken record that I could not stop?




Loving Relationships. 

And want to know what God did with my thoughts last night?

He confirmed them (not sure why I just read that with Forrest Gump’s voice)

Yesterday, I was loved on and prayed over. Jesus’ love just oozed out of my friends, my congregation and my family. 

On the way to the studio my phone illuminated with texts from my groupies, sitting patiently in their cars with their radios already tuned in. Even, my mom, was poised with her iPad ready for the live stream. 

I could feel every ounce of love and every powerful prayer yesterday. 

Jesus has a big part in my story, but you all, my friends, the ones who love and support me have such a large part, too. 

I could not have made it this far with you. 

From, my dear friend, Emily standing in a park with me over a year ago saying, “Oh, I want to hear all of your story” to Sarah making me cry by reminding me that it was her turn to sit with a goofy smile on her face as my voice played. To my dear friend, Sandi, who adamant that she would not miss my lifestream. And, Casey, my awesome cheerleader who made this interview happen. 

(I feel like I am accepting some sort of award)

I could go on for hours listing names and telling you all individually what your role was in this journey. 

The holy spirit was even working through the men a block away from the radio station. As my nerves were at an overwhelming level partially because we were running late (it’s a Bahn thing - heehee) there was a group of men cleaning windshields at the last stop light before our turn. One of them came over with his squeegee and drew a big heart on the windshield in front of me. I wanted to jump out and just hug him! I should have, but the light turned green and did I say we were late? 

But in that moment, that heart was such a sign - I was loved. I was loved by all of you and I was loved by my heavenly father. 

So, if you were to ask me today, what is one of the keys to getting out of the darkness? My top answer would be surround yourself with people who love you and aren’t afraid to show it. Find a community of friends who illuminate Jesus’ love all over you! 

As a wise man said yesterday in his sermon, Even a dim reflection of God’s love is a bright star in a dark night. 

Thank you all so much for being my bright stars! 

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