Monday, October 5, 2015

Bekah's Super Hero Party

Yesterday was Bekah's 4th Birthday and she celebrated with a Super Hero birthday party.

I threw together some capes for her friends out of fabric that I had in my stash.

My dining room which turns into the "party room" is always my favorite part of having a party in our new house. This year Bekah sat with me as I went through Pinterest and she found a Super Hero party that was not in primary colors which she loved. I loved it because I could re-use the black and white things that I had from her party last year!

Bekah requested a strawberry cake with yellow icing and pink polka dots. I learned about an hour before the party that decorating cakes is not a gift I was given, but it didn't turn out too bad.  I also make cupcakes for those who do not care for strawberry cake.

And like last year, I spread games through out the backyard.

You may remember that Bekah's pirate & princess party last year had a "Walk the Plank", well I just flipped it over, threw it on some read table clothes and it became "Escape the Lava Pit".

I was a little hesitant about the silly string, but knew we would have more big kids then little kids at her party and in the end they all loved web slinging. Next time I need to remember to buy more cans...this activity went pretty quickly.

And the one thing that I was not sure anyone would love was Save Your Super Friends. I bought some super hero action figures and water guns at the dollar store. I froze the action figures in a big block of ice (rubbermaid container, water and freeze), then they had to use the water guns to melt the ice. This activity was a huge hit. Everyone of the kids worked at getting the Super Heroes out of the block of ice.

This kids also just enjoyed playing outside. I am so glad that the weather in Houston was beautiful on Sunday. We had cake and opened presents, then just hung out as the kids played.

I feel like every year I tell myself "take more pictures", but then just wrapped up in the day - which is a good thing, too!

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