Thursday, August 27, 2015

Paying Homage to a Beautiful Backyard

For the past two days my in-laws have posted almost identical pictures on Facebook of their backyard.

Yesterday, they closed on this house where they have lived for 10 plus years and are headed to a new home. Don't worry they are still really close by (like 8 miles from their current house).

It dawned on me this morning that I should pay homage  to this backyard that has been the backdrop of so many pictures of my family as we have grown and is also where so many of my favorite pictures have been taken. So, sit back and get ready to be bombarded with pictures!

Our very first picture in the backyard - our engagement picture. 

Our first "family" picture (or soon to be family picture)

December 2011 - a really small baby Bekah with Grandad

December 2011 - My Sweet Shelby (before braces)

Not exactly sure when this was taken, but here is Baby Bekah in hammock

Easter 2012

My "Sweet" Girls - Easter 2012

Flash Forward Some - My Littles with Gram

Bekah "fishing" with a pine needle

This is from Christmas 2013 - Gram & her grandkids

Christmas 2013 Christmas Card Picture

Easter 2014

My Girls - Easter 2014

My Girls in the Hammock - 2014

Father's Day 2014

2014 - Girls with Grandad

Wow, those kind of choked me up a bit. Seeing how it all started, watching my girls grow, and knowing there were so many other memories made in that backyard before me. (I might be crying right now) (I blame hormones)

I never imagined when I took that first engagement picture how many more family pictures would take place in that backyard and how our family would grow.  

Thank you Backyard for providing us with so many memories. You will be missed! (oh yeah I did just do that - pretty cheesy, huh?)

So, here is to a new beginnings and new memories to be made! 

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