Sunday, August 16, 2015

Calming the Momma Bear

I hate when I lose my cool. I hate when I match someone else’s tacky comments with an even harder blow. I think in the end everyone involved feels yuck. 

I am pretty even-keeled for a redheaded scorpio (if you believe in those things), but unfortunately my Momma Bear packs a pretty heavy punch. You can say tacky things about me and to me. I may fluster for a second or two, but I regain composure pretty quickly, but please, for the love of Kermit, do not attack my child. Don’t make her feel bad for expressing her feelings - don’t send her on guilt trips to deflect your mistakes. Just please do not do it because her mother cannot control herself, her mouth, her low blow comments, her anger. 

I know we are all called to be nice and caring to each other, but man, what do you do when someone treats your child badly?

I am no where close to being an “amazing christian” (is anyone?), but I will say I have grown because when faced with defending my child’s right to be treated kindly today I actually did not send a single cuss word by text to the opposing party (big success for me). But I still feel like pooh, probably because I thought all those words and may have let a few of them fly. 

So how do you do it?

How do you remain calm and communicate in a caring way when your kids have been hurt by someone they love? How to you real Momma Bear back when all she wants to do is rip someone’s head off?

I really wish at this point in this post I could list the 5 Easy Ways to Remain Calm, but I so do not have the answers to those questions. I am far from perfect (if you know me then that’s no shock to you) and I lose my head when it comes to my girls (especially my first born). And I love Jesus, but I still cuss a little (that is actually on a t-shirt that’s on my wish list because it is so me). 

What else is there to say? This parenting thing isn’t always easy. 

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