Saturday, July 25, 2015

Life Changed

Wow, it’s completely amazing how much can change in a few days. 

I don’t really recall the feelings when I was first medicated for ADD, but I want to share with you what life is like right now. 

Things are brighter - literally. 
I am more patient with the girls. 
I am truly happy. 
I woke up this morning and could actually remember what I was thinking when I went to bed! 
I am getting things accomplished. 

Yesterday, I found myself just balling as I cleaned the girls’ table. Here is a video I stopped and took in the process: 

Oh man, the tears. I have them again as I type this. 

Shelby is struggling some with me having so much energy and wanting to clean instead of watching TV. I think Matt is overjoyed! He came home to a clean house and this morning when I said, “I just can work with all this trash on (and around) my desk”, he said, “I’ve been waiting forever for you to say that.” 

I am overwhelmed (in a good) way with the feeling of joy that I have. It’s just amazing to be back, again. 

This may seem crazy to anyone who has not suffered with the effects of ADD, but if you do then you get me, right? And if you don’t get me then you still love me, right? 

Okay, just wanted to let you know that. Now, off to clean the bathrooms. 

Who gets excited about that?


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