Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sharing My Story

So, last week while I was telling you about Kara Tippetts passing I shared a video with you where she spoke at a Church Planting conference. Did you watch it? 

It’s ok if you didn’t. I still think you should and you can find it here:

But you don’t need to before you continue reading. Wow…I’m making this really difficult. 

In that message Kara tells the audience the Power of Your Story. Meaning your’s and mine and her’s too. 

Telling your story has the Power to do Three Things (and many other things). Kara said:

Telling your story has the power to:

draw someone into faith with Jesus
deepen someone’s walk with Jesus
encourage someone into leadership (meaning ministry)

Now, long before watching this video God has been pulling at me to share my story - my complete story. Many of you reading this know parts, I’ve even filled you in on pieces right here in my blog. I am ready to give it up, to let it all go and let Jesus shine through my story. Or let you see how Jesus has worked in my life and how the word GRACE has such a big part in all of that. 

Don’t get too excited, though, it’s not going to happen tonight and you may not see it this week, but this week is such a great time to start this journey. Holy Week (the week that leads up to Easter) is always a solum time for me since I became fully aware of the sacrifice that God gave for me through Jesus Christ. I’m unworthy, as we all are, of his amazing grace, but you know what? I still get that gift even though I’ll never be fully worthy to receive it - I will alway be broken while on this side of Heaven. 

Wow… I started to preach there for a minute (in a good way). 

You’ll have to bear with me through this process because with all of this brings some major fear. In Kara’s memorial service someone comment that she “did not protect herself and was willing to be hurt” as she share herself with the world. She was real and gave that pure heart and soul to people even though she may be hurt in the process. 

I have to be prepared to be hurt and be okay with that because honestly I will probably tell you something, if not many things, that will change the way you see me and that is okay. In the end, it will be awesome if you still like me, but I ultimately want you to see Jesus through my story. And if you see Jesus, but can’t see me the same then that’s okay. It is all good. 

Today I am giving all my fear about this process to God. The fear of rejection. The fear of hurting my family. The fear just be vulnerable. Going through this process without over defending my actions at every turn. The fear of where this will take me next - the unknown. All of those are going up to him and I am praying my heart out and repeating Proverbs 3:5-6 over and over again. 

Now, you could say (and I know that some of you are). “Dana, really? You don’t have to do this. You don’t need to go airing your dirty laundry for everyone to read. What will that do for your future? What will people think?”

To that I say that I believe 110% that I’ve been call to share my story. There is someone (maybe more than one person, but one is fine with me) that needs to hear this. There is someone who is as broken as I was and needs to know that Jesus loves you and it’s a love that is so amazing. I love that fills those holes that sin has eaten into your heart. And He loves you right there in the yuck! You don’t have to come as far as I am today to feel that love - He’s got you right where you are. I SO wish someone told me that 20 years ago, 13 years ago, and 8 years ago. I wish someone told me that at 14 even. There is so much more to life then the temporary love you receive through teenage relationships. 

 I need to stop because the one thing I do not want to do is just vent this all out here. I want to get out, but I want it to be concise for you and not me rambling on like I am laying on a therapists sofa. I want to make sure things come across clear to you. I hope you understand that. 

For today, please pray for me. Please pray that I listen to God speaking to me daily and not get confused when the devil starts messing with me (because he will). Please pray for peace as I start this journey. 

And please forgive any major typos on this post. Matt is not hear to read this and I really really want to get this posted this evening. 

Thank you for your love and support! 

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