Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

I've kind of started a tradition that the Saturday before Easter is our Bunny day. We started with Bunny Pancakes and then got to the egg hunt at church.

Friday, after Good Friday service, I whipped  up some shirts for the egg hunt.

After pancakes, we headed to church for an egg hunt!

This year Bekah wasn't very into hunting eggs. I had to keep reminding her that the goal was to fill her bucket.

On the other hand, Morgan was giving it her all with the help of Shelby.

I knew I wanted a picture on a bench so I could milestone each year. Here is the one from last year:

And here is what they look like this year

Oh, man look at Morgan! That girl has grown (and grown some hair) in a year!

This is the only family picture we have from the entire weekend. It will be okay...I'll be okay. We really need a new group picture, but it's not easy with two toddlers.

The girls got to spend some quality time with their friends.

Then it was off to the house for naps, a birthday party and shopping for something for mommy to wear. I am happy to say that I did not wear my easter dress for the fourth year in a row, but I really have no pictures of what I wore either.

We went to two services on Easter Sunday. The family service was a blast. The girls danced and it was stress free. Well, kind of, Morgan tried to escape the building a few times.

See Morgan right up front. That girl danced her heart out. 

Afterwards, I tried getting a picture of all the girls together...didn't really work out so well.

Ok, so I snagged this picture from a friend of mine (thank you Ryan even though you didn't know until this moment that I snagged it). I loved what the sanctuary looked and felt like before service. All of the windows were still covered and it was dark, then as the music started the light came pouring in. It's one of my most favorite things about Easter at St. John!

After service we went to MamaB's and JAGdad's for lunch. I tried (and I am saying I TRIED!) to get pictures of the girls especially there because it is where we always take our Easter pictures, but it was a big FAIL this year.

No one was in the mood for a sister picture

Maybe just two sisters


and she's done

and so is she

maybe one with daddy

pretty much the look I got

no pictures please

well, there is one. 
It was a great weekend (even if our pictures were not perfect)! Now it's Monday which means we are back to school, laundry and other house keeping things!

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