Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kara Tippetts

Mom, what is with all these posts about that woman who died? Do you have cancer? 

The question I got from my thirteen year old yesterday. 

No, I do not have cancer, but I did say to her that Kara was an amazing soul and since she was so awesome I want to make sure that other people know her, too. 


Shelby has gotten used to me knowing people, but not really “knowing” them in everyday life. I wish I could say I knew Kara a lot longer that I actually have. 

You all will probably remember Kara Tippetts mostly from the open letter she wrote to Brittany Maynard through Ann Voskamp’s blog. You can read it here: http://www.aholyexperience.com/2014/10/dear-brittany-why-we-dont-have-to-be-so-afraid-of-dying-suffering-that-we-choose-suicide/

That’s when I first “meet” her. To be completely honest I was touched that day by her words, but did not actively seek her out or her blog out. Even YouTube knew that I would benefit from Kara’s testimony since daily I received suggestions to watch this video.

I hate to say I avoided it though. It feels like lately I just could no longer stand to hear the word “cancer” again. I have a dear sweet friend facing breast cancer today, Matt’s godmother (Aunt Renee) is also facing the same battle. That with the reminder of Matt’s first wife, Nici, and Matt’s aunt, Barbara. Man, we now live in a world where everyone knows at least one person (if not many people) who have battled cancer. Even my father has had his battle. 

Anyway, on Sunday a post came across my Facebook feed that included Kara’s obituary and I thought “Damn it” (is that honest enough for you?). It’s sad and it makes you question God’s plan for a moment, but then you really meet Kara (not in person of course) and you learn that God had a plan - a BIG ONE. 

I found this talk that Kara did in December and I am asking you to carve out 30 minutes of your day to watch this please because I believe her message is amazing for each of us. And really it just has like 13,000 views, wouldn’t it be amazing if it could get 130,000 or even 1.3 million. (I am happy that say since yesterday this video has increased to 14,000 views) That’s how important I believe her message is for everyone! And it’s not all about her battle with cancer, it’s about your story and what you do with that story. 

Kara’s legacy has touched me profoundly and I believe that God gave it to me at just the time I needed it - just the time that it sank in perfectly. No, I do not have cancer and No, Kara was not a real life friend to me, but Kara has left an impact on my life and I will carry a piece of her  message with me as I spread the good news of Jesus’ grace to other women. 

Please pray for Jason and their four beautiful children. You can get to know Kara better through her blog, too: http://www.mundanefaithfulness.com/

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