Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Birthday

Today she would have been 92 today.

What can I say that haven't been said the last five years on this yearly blog post dedicated to my Meme.

She's still a part of most of my discussions from my faith to my encouraging of grandmothers I know. She remains a huge part of my life, of who I am and of who I plan to be. I can't even begin to explain the love I have for this woman. Oh man, will I ever get through one of these without crying?

During the past few months I have sank myself back to genealogy research mainly focusing on Meme's parents and her 20 siblings. My goal is to locate everyone of them. What where their names, how old did they grow to be, where are they buried. Through every step I wish I did this before Meme's alzheimer's diagnosis.  I wish I had the stories that she could have told me.

And when I find myself missing her it also makes me long to have him around too. I wonder that our relationship would have been like if he lived past my sixth birthday. It's crazy that I can get involved in learning about them and their families and in some crazy (did I say that twice) way I can smell his scent. Twenty-One years later I still remember what he smelled like and still could shed a tear when I see and older man in a one piece jump suit.

Oh man, I love them.

My wish, my prayer is that my girls have this bond with at least one, if not all of their grandparents. Don't get me wrong I have a strong connection with my Granny (dad's mom) too. Every time I cook so truly Southern Recipe I think of her.

But there was just something about my Meme a bond that we made that I could never dream of recreating again. It was amazing - argh...tears.

Oh man, I really wished this year that I would write something profound, some great piece of knowledge, but instead I am a blubbering mess just crying for my Meme. Maybe it is as it should be, one good cry a year. Get it all out then pull myself back together and do the work she would want me to do - raise my girls, show the love of Jesus to others and sew!

So, here's to an amazing lady that I am lucky to call my Meme. Praise Jesus.

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