Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

I am linking up with Momfessionals again this week to share with you my favorite things.

On Tuesday all my girls were at home and sick (it's been a runny nose and coughing week in our house). I used some of my quiet resting time to watch the documentary TINY on Netflix.  Have you heard about tiny houses? We are talking 100 sq feet and smaller here people not the 1,000 square feet that I used to own that I though was super tiny. It's a great film about Christopher Smith and his adventure of building his own tiny house.

I loved this movie! As I sat in my 2,600 square foot home it made me really think about things. Of course I want a tiny house now, but just for myself - you know a little get away. I would love to say that I could see my family of five in one, but I really can't - I wish I could - maybe someday.

I am happy to report that my Be the Light mission is sinking in with at least one of my children (you can read the original post by clicking here). On Thursday when we dropped Shelby off at school I said "Have a good day my love" and then I hear from the backseat "Be the Light Shelby!" Success! I know at least Bekah is catching on.

This week I've been reading Raw Faith by Kasey Van Norman. This is my favorite piece that I read from this week:

"Our past pains are never fully forgotten, but God does desire us to have healthy scar tissue-to get to a place where we can talk about the wound and touch it without feeling the searing pain associated with it. God wants the wounds of our past to heal so we can live faithfully in our present. "

You really need to read this book or maybe even grab a group together a start a bible study with this book. She even has free studies available on her website:

This past week I also read this amazing article from MOPS:

This week I added this event to my wish-list of things to attend. Maybe not this year, but I hope to save my money and attend next year!

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