Monday, February 9, 2015

Dishing on Downton Season 5, Episode 6

***Spoiler Alert*** Yep, you know the drill - make sure to watch episode 6 before you read this. 

What can I say? Things were  down right sad on Downton this week. 

Poor Edith - how many times will say that this season? Edith received word that Gregson is indeed dead and this throw her plans to run off to England with Marigold into full swing.

I actually watch each of these episodes twice. Once for enjoyment and then again to take notes and I have to say that had to skip the scene were she takes Marigold from the Drewe’s. It was just too heart wrenching to watch a second time. Could you even imagine having someone come and take a child that you’ve grown to love so much. 

We get it Edith, but man this is the second time you’ve broken someone’s heart with your secret child. So, Edith is gone, checked into some hotel in London. She left poor Branson to be the bearer of the news to the family. Of course her grandmother, knowing about the baby and the farmer, headed off to the Drewe’s home to confirm the worst. Just the look of worry and sadness on the Dowager Countess of Grantham’s face. So, sad, all of it, but hey bright side, she did inherit Gregson’s publishing company - that should keep her busy and with money coming in.

I can’t believe I am typing this, but I have mushy feelings with Barrow’s story line this week. Seems the injections he’s been giving himself have caused an unsightly lesion, eww. He should be thankful that Baxter is a nice lady to help him to the doctor especially after the mess he got her into now (more on that in a bit). Well, it turns out that Barrow has not developed a meth habit (I can’t believe that people actually speculated that way), he went through electroshock therapy and the injections and pills were a follow-up to that treatment. What for, you ask? To make him more like other men. To pretty much cure him from being gay. Poor guy. I just want to hug him - oh my, did I just say that?

I need to remember that it is his doing that Sargent Willis is back at Downton again, this time questioning Ms. Baxter of all people. Of course, Ms. Hughes would not let her be questioned alone, so now Ms. Hughes knows all about Baxter’s jail time. I thought it was pretty tacky how the investigator used that against her. Pretty much all Baxter knows is something happened when Mr. Green was at Downton (we know he rapped Anna) and that someone went to London (we know it was Mr. Bates - or so we thought - keep reading). She pretty much said she didn’t know what happened or who went, but something happened and someone went. 

And right now I am not sure what happened either. I just want to know is what is this picture that I found online about - will they take Anna in as a suspect? Is she in a line up?

Can I also ask, is it just me or is Mr. Bates less limp-y than he has been in previous seasons? Hmmm. 

Well, this week Mr. Bates found Anna’s stash of Mary’s things. You remember Mary gave her the used item that she needed for her time with Gillingham - eew. Anna had it hidden along with the scandalous book and Mr. Bates was not too happy when he found these items. He was pretty heart broken and thought that Anna didn’t want to have a baby Bates with him because he could possibly be a murderer (I could see that). All these accusations lead to a major heart to heart between Bates and Anna. Which then leads to the revelation that Bates held onto the ticket to London as proof that he didn’t actually go. It was an “un-torn ticket.” Oh man, Mary threw that un-torn ticket proof of Bates innocence in to the fire, remember? Drama, drama, drama. Anna is beside her self because she gave away the coat that would have been proof of her husband’s innocents. Oh man, where will this lead? What does it have to do with the picture from the line-up?

Now Mary, that girl is one of the few in Downton that is having a good week. She got her snazzy new haircut, she rode her horse in that race and she’s got Mr. Blake handling all of her issues with Gillingham. You remember Gillingham just could not accept Mary’s breakup after their tryst in the hotel. He was pretty borderline stalker obsessive. So Mr. Blake arranged for his friend (and Gillingham’s x-finance) Ms. Fox to come back into the picture. She’s a pretty snarky character and can’t stand Mary, but is still madly in love with Gillingham.  This will leave a perfect spot for Mr. Blake to come in and swoop Mary off her feet - just wait. 

Speaking of people being madly in love -Prince Kuragin just can not get over Violet. He loved her then, he loves her now and he will love her always. Violet on the other had is a bit uneasy and would prefer he leave “the past in the past”, but would love to continue to help him find his wife. Oh, Violet was on a roll this week between her feuding staff, wishing people didn’t think so much, and coming to terms with Isobel’s engagement not to mention thinking both of her granddaughters have “cracked.’’ She really needs a holiday. 

Yes, Isobel is engaged, but I can’t tell based on the previews if her marriage to Lord Merton will actually take place. Did I tell you that my mother has already watched all of season five, but won’t give a single clue as to what is going to happen - so mean! I was hoping to get some dirt from her in regards to this story line, but was shut down. 

It seems there is love in the air downstairs at Downton Abbey or what could be a great love story line. Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson went with Ms. Patmore to see the home she is purchasing which led Mr. Carson to the idea of purchasing a house together with Mrs. Hughes. So, they’d have a place to live after they retire. Ah, I am not sure if he understand exactly what he was saying, but I think Mrs. Hughes is pretty smitten with him. That would be so sweet - I love them! 

Looks like Lord and Lady Gratham are getting through the whole Mr. Brigger incident. Cora pretty much told him that if he had never let a flirtation get out of hand with someone than he could stay put sleeping in a separate room, but if he had then she expected him back in their room asap. Oh, Cora if you only knew. 

Who else am I missing. Rose has a new beau. Yeah, he’s jewish which Violet does not agree with, but it seems to be heading in the right direction. Mosely is going to help Daisy with her studies now that Ms. Bunting is gone (thank goodness). And let’s not forget that the puppy is sick. I sure hope she pulls through. 

So here’s to another week! I do home you have ice-cream, champagne and are as jolly as you want to be this week!

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