Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Conversations with Bekah: Grandmothers

I think this might become a weekly or daily post on my blog.

Bekah and I had this conversation as we were leaving the grocery store this morning and I don't want to forget it!

Bekah: Are we going to Alyssa's house now? (Alyssa otherwise know as "Ba-lyssa is Bekah's BFF)

Me: No, she's not at home remember she's either at school or with her grandmother (we have this conversation just about every morning).

Bekah: She's with her grandmother a lot. I have grandmothers.

Me: Yes, you do. Gram and Grammy.

Bekah: I see them a lot

Me: Yes, you do.

Bekah: Who are your grandmothers?

Me: Well, my grandmothers are in Heaven in Jesus.

Bekah: Ah, that's so good. Gram and Grammy are in Heaven with Jesus.

Me: No, they are here. My grandmothers died. Your grandmothers are alive.

Bekah: Oh, no that's so sad.

Me: It's ok they had long, good lives.

Bekah: My grandmothers had long good lives too.

Me: Yes, but they aren't going to Heaven any time soon.

Bekah: good

Then she wraps of the conversation with pure brilliance

Bekah: Mom when you were little like me, you were little like me.


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