Sunday, January 25, 2015

Valentine's Decor Craft - Scrap Fabric Balls

Got any fabric scraps laying around? I did and here is what I made with them.

I'd thought it would be fun to take you through the process - a little tutorial if you will. It takes some time and it's a bit messy, but now I have these cute spheres to mix with other colors in the future and my kitchen table will always be decorated!

Here is what you need:
  • Mod Podge - I used Matte because that is what I had already. 
  • Foam balls - I believe mine were 3 inches in diameter. 
  • a foam paint brush
  • a blow dryer (not shown)
  • scrap fabric cut into squares - the smaller the diameter of your sphere, the small you should cut the fabric, but really there is no science to this. I used this much fabric for one 3 inch ball and had some left. 


If you have not used Mod Podge or have not "Decoupaged" let me tell you a few things. First, it is a paint, layer, paint sort of craft (read more below). Also, your fingers are going to get sticky - hardly any way around that. THERE IS NO PATTERN - don't get hung up on "should I turn this this way" or "put this here" - just create!

First Step

Cover a section of you ball with modpodge.

Second Step

Press on the fabric. I like to press it down well especially on your corners.

Third Step

Paint more modpodge on top of the fabric carefully. Do not brush too hard or you will move the fabric.

And then Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. 

You do not want any of the white foam showing through and you also do want seams - or two pieces of fabric laying next to each other and not overlapping. Make sense?

As you work your way around the ball you will want to constantly hold it or it will stick to you table/paper and cause the fabric to come off. Do not sit it down until it is dry enough (read on - I tell you how to get there).

It should wind up looking like this

Now, on regular projects like this I would tell you to let it sit and dry, but with this I STRONGLY SUGGEST you use you blow dryer to get the piece dry enough that you can sit it on the table without it sticking.

And there you have it - your final product!

oh my goodness is that my finger it that picture? Yes! wow - professional, huh?

I hope you enjoy making these. I know I am looking forward to making some with the egg shaped foam I found!

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