Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pinterest Inspired Valentine's Decor

Well, it's less than a month from the day of love and chocolate!

Earlier this month I took a gift card from my sister to Michael's and decided that I was going to create our decorations this year (well most of them).

I knew I wanted to something like this:

So, I bought a large canvas (they were half off at the time!) and some painters tape. I have an unhealthy amount of paint in my stash (crafters have to craft). 

Before I put the tape on the canvas I painted the entire thing white and let it dry. Then, on a unseasonably beautiful day in Houston they started painting. Of course we had our yucky clothes on - except Morgan's jeans I didn't even think that girl would paint her only pair of jeans - oh well I should have known. 

I wanted all three involved, but I did have to remind Shelby to let her sisters paint some too. She also helped to smooth everything out so we just wouldn't have pink. 

There was some pretty serious creating going on - Morgan refused to any color, but pink and Bekah loved red. 

I let it dry overnight, removed the tape and we say in our house "Ta-da!" art work! 

It is now a perfect addition to my mantel. 

Just so you know the bird isn't part of my normal decor. I had to save him from a untimely death and the mantel was my only safe spot. 

Have many other ideas and to-do projects on my Valentin's Day Board. Find it here:

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