Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites: Lisa Leonard and Paleo

Happy Friday. I am, again today, linking up with Momfessionals to show you some of my favorite things from this week.

My parents were in town last week and on Saturday I got my mom all to myself. We filled the day with junking (antiquing) because it is so our love language. Then we finished the day off at my new favorite place in the North West Houston Area - The Little Eclectic House. I snagged a couple of pictures off their Facebook page to show y'all the inside because as usual I didn't take my camera with me!

{source of picture}

I'm telling y'all I could live in this place. Every single room spoke to me. It's a perfect balance of antiques & boutique with a wonderful vintage vibe happening. And I am happy to say that it was not as expensive as I originally thought - therefore it is my FAVORITE place, but probably not the best place for my littles. I have been following them on Facebook since I heard the pour candles in to vintage tins and in pyrex!

{source of picture}

I adore these and they are so on my wish list if anyone needs to buy me anything.

Anyway, I found this awesome necklace by one of my favorite people, Lisa Leonard, there.

I am a huge fan of Lisa's, but I had never seen this design before. I am thinking this is part of her retail line. It's perfect for layering and looks good with a t-shirt. I love it! 

If you are in the North West Houston area I strongly suggest you visit the Little Eclectic House. 
*yes, I'm fully aware that I am being all shady and not saying the actual name of the town they are in. 

On Monday most of my local friends (myself included) started a 21-day Detox where we cut out sugar, dairy and grains - along with other things. This has kind of morphed in me starting a paleo diet. Here's a crash course. 
It's been great. I love the recipes I've been able to find. I even shared the link to them on my Menu Plan Monday Post.  And I've been annoying everyone on Facebook and Instagram with pictures of my food:

I do have to admit that today I am having the worst craving for a big 'ole plate of pancakes! I found a Paleo recipe for pancakes that will be on my blog Monday because I am trying them tomorrow!

And last, but never least, look what arrived in my mail box yesterday!

I really, really wish I could start reading it right now, but I am in the middle of Kasey VanNorman's book, Raw Faith, but this one is next inline. I love Sophie and I adored her last book. You should go visit her blog if you don't "know" her yet:

So, there you have it! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! 

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