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Dishing on Downton - Season 5 Episode 1


I was really not sure what to title this blog. Maybe “Watch Where you Throw Your Books” or “Take Steps Mr. Mosely, Take Steps” or maybe “Big Barf Barrow.” 


I am happy to report that the first episode of Downton Abbey’s fifth season did not disappoint! The only problem I have is where to be begin! 

I guess I will start where the story began. It is now 1924 and a Prime Minister has been appointed which does’t impress Lord Grantham. The episode starts with Edith, oh poor Lady Edith. As you remember we left her in season four completely given up on her lover Michael Gregson. She just moved her daughter that she conceived with Gregson in with the Drewe Family. Mr. Drewe goes along with her plan of telling Mrs. Drewe that the child (Marigold) is a child of a old friend who as passed and they need to adopt her. So that’s where season four ended. 

It seems that poor Edith now spends much of her time visiting the Drewe family to be able to see her daughter. Mrs. Drewe (not knowing the connection) believes that Edith has a feelings for Mr. Drewe which means this situation will have to change. Edith is just in a heartbroken state at this time. Mrs. Hughes also found a book that used to belong to Michael Gregson - this seems to be the cherry on top of the crap of her life. Ah, the book. The book that she violently throws across her room unknowingly catching fire and starting the drama that ends the episode. You really need to be more cautious as to where you throw your books or your sister will assume “Lady Edith chose to set fire to her room” which she concludes with “,but we are all fine.” Love Lady Mary. 

We do get a glimpse into Mr. Drewe’s plan to have Edith “more involved” in Marigold’s life, but will be her God Mother hurt or help? I guess we will see. Poor Edith. 

While this wasn’t a good week for Edith, it was a good week for Lady Mary or shall I say a great week for Anthony Gillingham. Things are turning out pretty rosy for him. Mary is still undecided in regards to marriage. She really wants to be as happy with her second marriage as she was with her first. Ahhh. I need to take a moment and morn Matthew. 

Ok, done. Pretty much Lady Mary wants to make sure that she and Gillingham are simpatico under the sheets. Insert the emoji with a straight line for a mouth (that’s about how I feel about this turn of events). Well, Mr Lucky has come up with a plan from him and Mary to get away. They will spend days and nights alone. vavavoom. She better be careful - she’s creating quite a scandal for herself. Their planning making was cut short by the sound for someone screaming FIRE! 

Of course it was Big Barf Barrow (my new name for him) who just happened to be in the gallery and saved Downton (and Lady Edith) from the inferno. Man, I really hope the actor who plays Thomas Barrow is a good guy because his character is the biggest Slimeball!  During our Downton recap call this morning, my mom stated that he is “as slippery as he can get!” So, Barrow is still after Mr. Bates. He would do anything to get Bates out of Downton. His current scheme which started in season four was to get Ms. Baxter hired as a lady’s maid to Lady Grantham. He did this knowing Ms. Baxter’s criminal past which he attempts to use against her to get information about Mr. Bates (and the information is that Bates may or may not have killed Mr. Green- following me?). 

After being convinced by Mosely, Baxter decides to come clean with Lady Gratham about her criminal pasts. Seems Baxter stole jewelry from a past employer, got busted and spent three years in prison. Lady Grantham was none too happy with Big Barf Barrow for placing “a felon” in her bedroom. You’d think that Barrow was about to get the boot, but then Lady Edith had to go and throw that book in the fire which ultimately led to Barrow becoming the hero instead of the pure slimeball that he is! Dang it! My mother is right, that guy is a cat with nine lives. 

I am so glad that Baxter has Mr. Mosely who said he is willing to wait for Baxter to trust him fully before she shares her story. She’s afraid that it will taint his image of her. Girl, he’s in all kinds of in with love you! Don’t you see it? Didn’t you notice the hair? Ah, you did. You were one of many who realized that maybe Mr. Mosely looked a little different. You see Mosely decided to “look younger” by dying his hair a dark black (similar to Big Barf Barrow’s). This lead to everyone asking “did you change something?” In the end Lord Grantham did not care much for Mosely’s “Latin look” and wanted him in the kitchen till a change was made. “Take steps Mr. Mosely. Take Steps” is the only thing that Mr. Carson could suggest to remedy the situation. It’s ok Mr. Mosely, the world loves you just as you are! 

Mosely’s hair wasn’t the only thing that stood out at Lady and Lord Grantham’s 34th anniversary dinner. What are your thoughts in regards to Sarah Bunting? You see, she is the chick that Tom (Branson) as been seeing and there was all that drama last season (caused by the lovely Barrow) when Branson had her in the home alone. Branson did make it very clear to Lord Grantham that he and Sarah Bunting are not lovers, but I am sure it’s still an odd feeling for Lord Grantham. 

Lord Grantham pretty much showed his distaste for Bunting as soon as she was announced (came into the room). And I think she was a little big for her britches during dinner. I’m not impressed, but man Isobel Crawley was impressed by her principles which led to this episodes best line delivered by may fave Violet Crawley (Dowager Countess of Grantham): Principles are like prayers, noble of course, but awkward at a party. 

Oh Violet! She was on a roll this week as usual. And as usual most of her antics included Isobel Crawley. You see Isobel is being pursued by Lord Merton. She likes him, but Isobel isn’t too keen about becoming a “Lady.” Lord Merton (I guess not know the trouble Violet can cause) has asked her for help in courting Isobel. BIG MISTAKE! Of course, Violet isn’t too keen about anyone becoming a Lady because it would take some of the attention off of her. So, she starts a little match making. She holds a lunch, invites her friend Lady Shackleton for Lord Merton and also invites Dr. Clarkson for Isobel. Match Maker, Match Maker make me a Match! 

When Mary later asks if Isobel cares for Lord Merton she says she does enjoy her time with him, but “Cousin Violet has other plans for him.” Oh Violet always meddling! 

Let’s see what else is happening. Daisy sent off of correspondence courses in arithmetic which leads her to believe that she isn’t smart. This makes Mrs. Patmore's motherly side come out and really push Daisy to not continue with the courses because she doesn’t need them and they just are doing number to her self esteem. I think that Daisy will wind up have some kind of friendship with Sarah Bunting - I can see it coming and man, how will those to mix? 

Lord Grantham was feeling unwanted during this episode and James the footman will be looking for other employment. And really that is all I want to say about James’ story line from this week. 

I am looking forward to the things to come. What will happen with poor Lady Edith? Will she come clean? How will Mary’s scandalous plans with Gillingham work out? Will The Crawley’s ever realized that Barrow is a HORRIBLE PERSON?!?!

We will have to wait and see! 

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