Monday, December 29, 2014


Will you pretend with me that it's November 1st and not the last week of December because I am just now getting Halloween pictures off of my camera to share?

Halloween was so much fun this year since Bekah is all about a holiday! She loves the decorations and anticipation of the big day.

This year we had Trunk O' Treat (of Fall Festival) the Saturday before Halloween at our church. It was a HOT Saturday afternoon, but Shelby and I did our part with a pirate themed trunk. In the end it was a blast!

Bekah and Morgan came to visit with Matt for just a little while.

The day after we got together with our life group and carved pumpkins.  Our's was a gnome. Bekah was tired and did not want her picture taken with the pumpkin, but Morgan hammed it up some!

And then, ummm chewed on her foot some. I should have seen this coming. 

On Halloween we went to a pumpkin patch at a local church.
They were both in need of a haircut. 

Lots of hugging!

And this is about the best I could get in front of pumpkins. They are just too busy to pose for mommy. 

This year Shelby went you Trick or Treating with friends. They had an Alice in Wonderland them, so I made Shelby's costume. Oh man, I never realized how much more difficult it is to make an adult dress versus a toddler dress. It was a bit of a mess, but she loved it.

We dressed up Snow White and Tinker Bell and took them around the neighborhood in the wagon.

I really wish I would have gotten pictures of them in action. Bekah kept saying "I love this!" followed by "this is hard work." Morgan would take candy out of her bag and try to trade with people on their front porch. It was a blast and such a good memory.

Snow White is still seen around our house regularly. She is in rotation with the Princess Anna costume, but Tinker Bell hasn't been worn again. Morgan did not care for all the poofy-ness I think. She looked so stinking cute, though!

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