Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - What We Learned

Here's what we learned in 2014! Get ready for a picture OVERLOAD!

We learned that when Shelby straightens her hair she looks like Rapunzel. 

...that driving back and forth from North Texas to Houston wasn't so bad. 

...that a bib isn't needed, you can just pull her shirt up instead. 

Bekah learned that her fashion choices may be the reason she is called a boy so often. 

Morgan learned that having teeth is fun!

and that after four hours in the car, it's good to be outside!

We learned that Bekah is a bit too aggressive with her Cherry Limeaide. 

...and that Morgan likes to take selfies. 

...and snuggling is better than leaving the house on cold days. 

...and they are just as excited as Daddy to go to Lowe's!

We learned what happens if Bekah is left unattended in Shelby's room. 

...and Morgan loves the morning Sun. 

We learned it was time to take a break from brick and motar schools. 

We learned it's always Time of a Check-Up! 

...and math is HARD! 

....reading for school is better done from the comfort of your bed. 

...and snow days are just as fun when you are homeschooled. 

...somedays you have to get away from a desk. 

We learned this would be our new home. 

...and that having family with the same initials as you means that your mocha gets a lot cuter!

We learned that an unattended toddler with markers will say "I made eyes."

We learned that Shelby is crazy (we kind of already knew that). 

...and Morgan loves the Shack in Cypress! 

Shelby learned to embrace her natural curl. 

Morgan learned that swinging is FUN!

We all learned that packing is NOT fun. 

but taking selfies while packing helps.

and there was a use for the frame I picked up off the curb.

and duck faces still aren't attractive. 

...moving is easier when you smile!

and have cute helpers.

We learned that we could celebrate Morgan's 1st birthday without a party...and that was okay.

and that she loves cupcakes!

and eventually you will get tired of packing and just throw random things into a box!

We were reminded that God makes beautiful things!

...and Wonder Woman goes to church!

I learned that I actually could drive a Uhaul four hours. 

and maybe I could fall in love with our new house. 

but unpacking was just a bad as packing.

The girls learned that our new backyard was fun!

We learned Morgan liked being a messy eater. 

and making a mess in the playroom was fun too!

We learned that potty training is hard!

...the car is more fun when sister pushes. 

Totoro makes learning easier!

and it's fun to say "cheese"

We learned that toddlers will unpack their own boxes if left unattended in their rooms. 

and that egg hunts are more fun in cute shirts!

I was reminded over and over that I have an awesome husband!

and we have a really cute family. I also learned that I wear the same dress every Easter!

Morgan learned that it's fun to be a princess! 

Shelby learned that her future is bright!

and the mirror in the halfbath is a great place for selfies!

We learned the neighborhood park is a great place for picnics. 

and eating makes you sleepy. 

...the sandbox is more fun when Grammy is in town. 

We learned dresses are cuter when you are matchy matchy!

I learned that even though with butt heads, I have a great relationship with this girl!

and that pictures with my girls on Mother's day is the best!

We learned that her trips back to North Texas weren't that bad. 

and they both fall asleep during lunch!

We learned that our new street floods.

and even though I have a craft room it's really hard to be creative some times. 

I learned that Bekah's love language is quality time. 

and I learned that I could do this! 

The girls learned that VBS is FUN!

and Shelby is a great leader!

but it makes you tired 

and at the end of a long week of VBS you should spend time in bed. 

I learned I never want to forget how cute she slept. 

Bekah learned to love Hummus!

and Morgan loves cupcakes with blue icing!

It's fun to snuggle with your sister

Matt learned that I will always invade his side of the bathroom counter.

Bekah learned that playing Memory (or matching) is fun.

and Morgan learned that reading is fun.

We all learned that we completely and totally dislike stomach viruses!

Morgan learned that when you embarrass your oldest sister by screaming as loud as you can at the library, the best thing to do is just fall asleep in your carseat. 

They learned is best to wear your shades! 

and it's super exciting when you find your name!

We learned these guys are everywhere in Cypress. 

and that Shelby is super scared of them. 

Shelby learned that having a crafty mom is a good thing. 

and that the first day at a new school wasn't so bad. 

and that big sisters make carwashes less scary. 
I learned why Matt loves legos! 

and Bekah love to bake!

and golf isn't that bad with beer and this guy!

and our dining room is a great place for parties!

that it's good to get away with just your hubby for a awhile.

and I learned that the Dr Oz 3 day detox will make you want to barf. 

and Bekah is a pro at puzzles.

and patterns aren't so scary

and they make cute things like this

Morgan learned that being pulled by sister is more fun than dangerous. 

...the benefit of Shelby having her own iphone - great pictures!

We learned to NEVER take two tired, hungry toddlers to Chili's. 

and to make sure the lid is on the sandbox when it rains

that everyone loves princess dresses

as long as you have the right footwear

and turning 3 is fun!

We learned after church naps are the best.

and pictures with your sister will make mom happy

Bekah learned that fire stations are cool 

Shelby learned that building a fort for your sister can be fun

Until your youngest sister destroys it

everyone learned that a clean playroom makes life better

and Pizza nights will take a toll on your favorite cookbook. 

We learned that Morgan can have moody days.

and I can whip up trick or treat bag!

...that we make pretty cute pirates!

and pumpkin carving is fun

I learned that sewing does make me happy!

and I am able to  create great things

We learned that Morgan doesn't really care for costumes

and that we love our fire pit

Shelby learned that it is all about the candy!

and our firepit is even better at night

I learned that turning 37 wasn't so bad. 

Bekah learned that haircuts are fun!

I learned that crafting for myself instead for work is very therapeutic. 

We learned that Morgan will throw fits about cake.

and about playing in the playroom

and about taking Shelby to school on a cold morning

We learned that Shelby is VERY passionate about her school making her decide on a career in the 8th grade. 

and that Morgan loves shoes

We learned that everyone is thankful for Morgan!

and fake snow is a blast!

and that Morgan loves "to work"

and I can make cute Christmas dress even when I procrastinate

and Bekah has a future on the praise team

and Morgan loves to text

and I can actually make a quilt.

We learned that Bekah is a pretty competitive game player. 

And Morgan will always be up to something dangerous. 

And as I finish this super long post I am in tears. I've learned so much about God's grace and am beyond blessed with everything he has given me. It was a great year! 

Be safe today and Happy New Year!!! 

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