Friday, October 10, 2014

Time with Bekah: Fire Station

I absolutely love having alone time with each one of my girls. Today, Bekah and I met a bunch of her friends at our local fire station.

I knew that this probably wouldn't be the best place for Morgan, so she stayed at home with Matt. I wasn't 100% that Bekah would enjoyed it, but she absolutely loved every moment of the tour.

We started out with a short run down on fire safety - don't play with matches, stop drop & roll, and 911. Not really sure how much Bekah retained being three and all, but she did ask if we could have fire so she could maybe she got parts of the idea.

I was stunned how quiet a group of 3 and 4 year olds could be. They all listened and paid close attention to everything the Fireman did around the big truck - I know it's a Fire Engine and he should probably be called a FireFighter.

I love this picture! Look at that face - I'm not sure if she's embarrassed by all my picture taking or making sure I didn't leave her there.

They helped each child walk the cab of the fire engine. 

Then my friend, Shanna, (who arranged the tour) got the honors of putting on the heavy, hot gear. She was a trooper as always and made it fun for the kids. Again, they sat perfectly still and quiet taking it all in.

It was such a great morning and I am so glad we went. 

Afterwards, we came home and took the opportunity of Morgan napping to break into play-dough for the first time. 

Bekah kept asking me to make a giraffe, but I told her the best I could do was a snowman. 

She trumped my snowman with an awesome caterpillar. 

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