Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sleeping in, Making Bows and Putting Down the Cellphone

I keep meaning to wake-up when my alarm goes off at 6 am. I envision a quiet house where I could read and drink coffee before the girls all wake-up. This morning, like most mornings, Bekah woke me up around 7. I pulled her up into bed and proceed to go back to sleep. This is always an open invitation for her to poke at my eyelids and whisper in my ear until I finally say “Ok I am up” around 7:45 am. I get out of bed stiff and wondering why I feel like I have slept though I know I got over 8 hours last night.

So, my morning never looks the way I envision. Right now it’s a quarter till 9, the little girls are finishing breakfast as I drink coffee and write. Shelby is still asleep. Yesterday was a good day even though I woke up at 8 (I’ve got to break that pattern). I started my first day of zone cleaning and my laundry schedule.  By 3 pm e everything was done. I sat at the table feeling accomplished and had time to re-introduce myself to some of my old blogging friends. It’s amazing how quickly kids grow and reading blogs I hadn’t been on in almost two years (and don’t follow of Instagram) was like catching up with high school friends. I kept finding myself saying “that’s your baby, oh my, she was just a baby the other day!” and “what! He’s a senior in high school! Where does time go?” I hope you realize that I was talking to myself. Yep, just sitting here saying random complements about peoples’ homes and kids all by myself. It was a great feeling. No one was asking “what’s on your computer?” or “who are you talking to?” It was quiet and peaceful…I hope I get another moment like that this afternoon.  I also need to update my reading list which is above. I hope to have that done in a few weeks.

About thirty minutes into my peaceful quiet, Shelby wandered down stairs with a new craft she found. Yesterday, she ransacked my fabric to make bows.

 Hot glue thread was everywhere, but after she was done she had a really cute black bow.

And yes, that’s a blurry picture…something is up with my Cannon. I need to break down and read my book. I am trying very hard to use my cannon over snapping a pic with my phone and posting on Instagram.
I really am trying to put my phone down completely. Lately, I’ve notice that I’m with the girls as they play, but I am not truly with them. My body may be in the playroom, but my head is in Facebook or Instagram. I hate that. Before I know it the little girls will be in school and I don’t even want to think about how old Shelby will be. So, for the past few weeks I have purposefully left my phone on silent or locked it away in my bedroom. So, if I don’t respond to texts right away that is why.

Off to cleaning the bathrooms and the playroom. Trust me the playroom will be more difficult to than the bathrooms. And today I’m washing sheets! Don’t you just love sleeping on freshly washed sheets?

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