Thursday, May 29, 2014

Would You Think Less of Me? A Saga in Potty Training.

This week I decided that we were not going to leave the house. No play dates, not quick trips to Target (Matt is thankful) and no strolls to the park. This week we were going to win the battle over potty training. Bekah was going to master using the potty (yes, I will call it “the potty” all the way through this post) and the pull-ups will be a thing of the past!

I pumped myself up Monday evening (since we were starting on Tuesday) and was positive we are going to do this this time when I woke up Tuesday morning. We had huge, extreme thunderstorms in Houston Monday night, so I was a little late getting out of bed the next morning and missed the first pee-pee. Do you think that’s a deal killer? If I miss the first time do you think it starts her off badly? I don’t know the answer, so I’m asking.  

The first thing we did, though, when I got her out of bed (or she got me out of bed) was go to the potty. As usual we sat there for a good ten minutes where she repeated over and over “I don’t have any pee-pee’s mommy. They are all gone.”  Over the weekend we picked out some super awesome Bubbly Guppies Panties that I was sure would do the trick, but when I asked her, “do you want to put your bubble guppies panties on?” she said, “no, I want my pullup.”

To that I said, “ok but repeat after me”


She said “Don’t”


She said “go”


She said will full excitement “Pee-pee in the Potty!”

Oh, man! To which I said, “No don’t go pee-pee in your pull-up”

Later she requested juice as we walked down stairs. I said “Ok, but remember where do you go Pee-pee?” My sweet child responded, “in my pull-up mommy.”

So, I ask you, would you think less of me if my daughter started kindergarten wear pull-ups? Because I have a strong feeling that is the way things will work in this house.

I’m telling you I have tried M&M’s, stickers, books, putting just panties on her and even telling her that I would take her to the Disney Store for a Frozen shopping spree if we could just get this accomplished.

I’m at a loss. I try my best to not compare children, but Shelby was a cinch. We started potty training her at 18 months and she was a pro by the age of two. And to be honest that was 10 years ago, so I am not really sure the tricks that I did to help her or if daycare was really what made everything happen so quickly – the peer pressure (I’ve tried it with Bekah…she doesn’t care if her friends go potty).

I’ve heard that some children will start to get uncomfortable in a wet diaper and that’s when you know it’s time to potty train. My dear Bekah could care less. When you ask her if she has pee-pees she responds with “I’m fine.”          

So, I have no cheery outcome other than we are still trying and I hope to get house of the house sometime in the near future without pull-ups even if it’s just into the backyard. 

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