Monday, February 3, 2014


Wow, this is the first post of 2014 and it's already February. Where has the time gone? Oh, yeah we are selling our house, trying to find a new one, I started a new business venture and today we started homeschool (actually public school online).

I am either making the best decision ever or I am adding another session to her future therapy. 

Last week we made the big change.

I withdrew Shelby from a normal brick and mortar public school.

We are now stepping into Online/Virtual learning through K12 Texas Virtual Academy.

I'll let that set in a bit for you.

This is a decision that I have been praying about for a few years now. I never thought we would be able to make it work and to be honest I wasn't ready for the commitment until recently. The upcoming move and recent events at school made right now the perfect time.

Shelby and I have decided to document the journey for you.

Wish us luck! I hope to write more soon.

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