Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Other Side of the Freeze

I will not write a Debbie Downer post...I will not give you just my sadness today. I'm repeating this in my head as type.

Can I just say that I have shoveled and scrapped enough ice for my life this past week. Yesterday was my first day out since last Thursday. You see here in Texas things shut down at the first sign of snow and we the entire place is bombarded with 3 inches of ice you go no where at all. I barely made it to the mailbox on my curb each day.

Let me get you caught up a bit on my life. Back in early November JAG accepted a new position in Houston, we put our house in North Texas on the market and prepared to move. This a big life experience for all of us.

I have to say that listing and showing a house that you live in an experience that isn't always great. First, I had to clean out about 12 years worth of accumulation then they...

I started the post above yesterday and was stopped by "play barbie?" How could I refuse? I do have to say that I am a bit over Bekah's addiction to playing barbies. I think today we are going to try to limit her time some. Maybe she will color more (which is what she is doing at this exact moment).

Back to listing our home. I have three daughters and they all have difficulty with the idea of "clean up." So you can imagine my horror when I realized I had to keep my home pretty much show ready all the time. YIKES!!! I mean where do you think they get their struggle from? Yep, their momma. When I'm working (ie sewing) I can't stand packing everything up midway through. My wish list for our new home includes a space with a door that I clan close, so no one can see my mess.

Good news we are finalizing a contract now and hope to be in Houston around Christmas. Which leads me to the next part of my current hunting! I spent the week of thanksgiving with my in-laws looking for homes in their area which is very close to JAG's new job.

It was good to spend time with them. We started a new Thanksgiving tradition and participated in a local 5k.

House hunting in Houston area have proven itself to be very frustrating. It is officially a seller's market and we found houses we loved just to be told they had "just signed a contract." Those were not meant to be our forever home. We are still looking and hope to be settled on something soon - since we have 18 days!!! YIKES! I haven't even started Christmas shopping - that's 13 days away.

Speaking of Christmas. My mom came into town the day after I got home and we were able to spend time together shopping and seeing the bearded man!

I wasn't planning on doing this, but now I have to! Here's a walk down memory lane Santa Style.

Shelby's First Christmas - 3 months old

Bekah's First Christmas - 2 months old

Then this year:
Morgan's First Christmas - 8 months old
I love this reminds me of Bekah's picture from last year.

Shelby has opted out of Santa pictures the past few years, but no walk down memory lane is complete without some Shelby pictures!

Man, time flies!

Since we are moving in the middle of Christmas I have not done my normal decorating - we don't even have a tree. Earlier this week I decide I needed something to lift my spirits, so I pulled out one of the pink trees I have for the girls. Bekah was so excited. She kept say "oh my goodness."

Now if I can just keep her from grabbing the stepstool out of the bathroom and trying to redecorate it. I pulled out my Granny's ornaments that I have held onto for years. It's perfect.

I am happy to say that this season is just about Santa and Christmas trees for me. I love that I am reading books by this two talented ladies also. Have you seen Christmas on the Farm? Take a bit and watch this...

And just so you know...I busted through my Debbie Downer mood yesterday by breaking out the fabric and creating...I love that!

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