Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All Time Favorite Holiday Movie: The Family Stone

I'm not a huge Christmas movie watcher, but I love love love The Family Stone. Probably because it's more of a movie set during Christmas and less of an actual Christmas Movie (does that make sense?).

First off let's talk cast. This movie is packed full of actors and actresses that I love: Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Luke Wilson, Sarah Jessica Parker and let's not forget Claire Daines. Do you watch Homeland? Did you see the Season 3 finale? Urgh, it made me stomach hurt. I digress. We can't forget Mr. Craig T. Nelson. I'm a HUGE Parenthood fan as well. I'm not forgetting Dermot, but he isn't one of my most favortie people.

But above all these great talents I think the main character of this movie is the house. Oh I swoon!

If my Realtor were to ask me what my dream home was it would be this house. The porch, the trees, the staircase, the rooms! I love every single spot of this all the way down to the telephone closet (is that what it's called). The home is the center of the entire story and it's the first thing we see after the opening credits with dreamy vintage Christmas cards. Also, I think this home is so wonderful to me because it's where the characters grew up. Each family member goes back to the room that's been theirs for years. I love that - stability - something I've always dreamed of for my children - a forever home.

Speaking of dreams. Did you know that my dream car has always been a Volvo station wagon?

Again, just another reason why this movie touches my heart. I love how Rachel McAdams' character (Amy Stone) appears to be driving a hand-me-down Volvo from her parents. Can I have a minute to tell you how much I adore Rachel? Have you seen the Vow? It's my new movie obsession. You have to watch it - my mom watched it twice while she was here. I don't think there is a movie that Rachel has done that I don't like. I even watched Sherlock Holmes because she played Irene.

Speaking of brilliant actresses (or my opinion of them) I need to give props to the ubber-talented Diane Keaton. The role of Sybil fits her perfectly all the way down to the Diane Keaton style wardrobe.
Terrible picture, I know, but I can't be the only person who has noticed Keaton's unnatural love for turtlenecks. I'm not sure why...she has a good neck.

Not only did I notice Keaton's wardrobe, but during my most recent view I picked up on the multiple pieces of Vintage Pyrex that were placed through the kitchen.
See that right there...the pink bowl...that's vintage loveliness! As you can see this a turtleneck family.

I feel like I do need to say that there are parts of the story line that would make my Meme turn of the TV and it can be a pretty strong tear jerker, but it really is a good movie with lots of comic relief mainly coming from these two.

So to sum it up, I love this movie because it is about a big family (which I've always wanted) that takes place in gorgeous house with vintage Pyrex and Rachel McAdams!

Also, Target has it on sale for $5 right now - that's not a paid endorsement.

all my pictures are sourced from IMDb. 

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