Monday, August 12, 2013

Prayers for Kaden

Good Morning Friends,

I'm opening my blog this morning to ask you to please stop what you are doing right now to pray for fellow blogger (and Texan), Diana Stone. Diana writes Hormonal Imbalances, she also writes for She Reads the Truth. I started following her about a year ago after she lost her twin sons. Today my friends she has a newborn son, named Kaden, who is fighting for his life in a Dallas hospital.

picture by Kristine Garcia Photography, pulled from Diana's blog {source}

Diana's post this morning led me to tears and strong prayer. You can read her post here:, but let me take some pieces out for you.

She asks directly for the pray she needs:

"Pray that God heals his heart. Pray that the power of the Lord is shown through a miracle. Pray that even with my small faith, God can take my imperfect prayers and all of yours and turn this into something powerful. Something big." {source}

Please, please also pray hard for Diana and her husband, Sam. 

I'll keep you updated. 

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