Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day Continued and A Chat About Schedules

Around one o'clock yesterday afternoon I realized the significance of the day. Not only it was the first day of school for the 2013/2014 school year and Shelby's first day of seventh grade it was also my first first day of school as a stay at home mom.

This might not mean much to some people, but for me it was a big 'ole dream come true!

Normally, on the first day I am late to work and leave work early to take her and pick her up - so those things have never been missed, but today was still so different. I was able to not rush. I was able to pray often and hard for my beautiful girl - I could have done that while working, but normally on a Monday work was crazy.

And get ready to roll you eyes. I was able to make my seventh grader cookies that she could enjoy after school as we talked about her day.
They were from scratch, but don't get too excited it was just the tolhouse recipe.

I am not sure you can grasp what this plate of cookies means to me. Even though I am not volunteering at her school or part of PTA this year - I'm here. I'm focused on my family first above everything else. I am not strapped to email or phone calls. I was able to sit at my kitchen table with my girls on a weekday afternoon and tune everything else out, but them. That is amazing for me - that's been my dream since Shelby was a baby.
She was smiling before I took this...it's just bad timing. And look at that living room-more on that below. 
Also yesterday brought a new first for Bekah...learning to drink from a cup. Now, she has drank from our cups before, but she hasn't had one all to herself.

To me back school not only marks a new start for Shelby, but for us as a family. It's time where I can reflect on what I want to change and what I need to do in order to be a better wife and mother. So, what better to do then evaluate my house keeping job. About a year ago when I worked half my time from home I created a zone cleaning schedule. If you are not aware of zone cleaning please take a moment to watch this video (that I watched before I knew what it was) by Courtney Kendrick (CJane). It's a bit tongue and cheek regarding how "perfect" Mormon women are made out to be which makes me adore her even more. It has be my favorite that she's done mainly because I adore her home!

I just really, really want a green room!!!

So, again about a year or so ago I created my zone schedule and put it on the fridge.

As you can see it has endured a year or so of cooking mishaps and is normally covered with a picture or drawing. It needs a bit of updating, but I still try to adhere to it when I am cleaning (sometimes I am on strike, but not this week). My goal is to get my daily task completed before JAG gets home. 

For instance today is Tuesday, so it Bekah's (now Bekah and Morgan's) room. My goal is to put everything back where it belongs, dust, vacuum, make sure the diaper pail has been empty and the sheets are washed. I also take this time to complete projects I need to do in the room. Today I filled up my new Thirty-One Utility tote with things that I don't want you to be able to see in the girls' closet. 

It's the grey with white polka dots (called lots a dots) container one the top shelf. Since I removed their closet doors I don't want it looking a mess in there. I also hung a bunting I made to sell, but it has a defect, so it belongs to the girls now. Eventually, I will have this room the way I want it and post a tour for you.

It's nap time as I type this and I am sitting in their room because I love the light, watching them sleep, and my lullaby playlist. It's my down time. As I type I'm noticing a lot more I need to do today before my task is done.

I've been collecting cleaning schedules and information on zone cleaning on pinterest. I'm on the fence about updating what I have...I think first I need a successful week of zone cleaning - No June Here!
You can find my board by clicking here. 

Also, another schedule you will notice soon is my blogging schedule. I need a routine, but not too much of a routine that it's so fake. I want to make it a habit to always share my menu on Mondays (that way I will continue to menu plan) and I want to pick back up sharing all my Instagram pictures with you on Fridays because that seems like the only way I take pictures these days. 

You may also see What I Wore Wednesday...maybe. Used to always give you a song on Saturdays, but I think I will replace that with something I've learned on Sundays. I want to share either something I've read or something I learned from sermon/bible study for the week. Prepare to possibly see double posts in one day. I want to check on my to-do list, but also write as it comes to me like I did today. 

I was about to say I want to have a purpose or a reason to blog, but I do...maybe I should share that again tomorrow, but as for now Bekah is waking up...back to picking up toys and changing diapers - I wouldn't have it any other way. 

But love...is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.”
— Nicholas Sparks

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