Monday, July 1, 2013

Get Ya Priorities Straight Girl.

May 11th was my last post...where did June go?

My life isn't the way I thought it would be when I left my career to stay at home. Let me be honest and say I so did not work when I was "working." I had time to read blogs daily and then write. Today life is hectic. The younger girls have had their schedule so messed up lately that we go to sleep at 1 am and then wake up around 10 am. We eat breakfast at lunchtime and lunch around dinner...then dinner about 8. JAG is working twelve plus hours a day then driving at least an hour home in traffic. Shelby has been busy. Last week she spent time in Austin on a mission trip building handicap ramps.

I've had to let go a lot this Summer. It's been hard to give it to God and not worry about her traveling somewhere new then stopping to go tubing on the way home. Tomorrow night she will take her first plane trip alone to spend six weeks on South Padre Island with my parents. Lucky girl. I'm going to miss her so much and man, she's looking grown just a few months she will be twelve.

I've been struggling with a lot this summer. I think it's because my priorities have been really off. I realized during the bible study that I am supposed to help lead. A few Sundays it dawned on my that I had not read a chapter of our study (or any of my bible) since before Morgan was born. What has happened to my time? I wish I could say I've been busy mopping floors and dusting ceiling fans, but I've actually been busy with my new "business." I've taken my love for thrift shops and vintage goods and turned it into a side business. It's a double edged sword. It has made me money and it's a blast, but it has taken me away from so much (and I've spent a good chunk of my profit on vintage things that other people are selling). Today I logged out of instagram where I do most of my business (you can find my shop by searching @thriftyrae on instagram) and I focused on my first responsibility- wife and mother.

One good thing that has come out to the shop is I am able to be creative and sell my bunting. Did I say sell? It's true! People buy them and they love them - it's a crazy feeling. Here is a pic someone posted today!

That's my work! Of course I can see all the spots that aren't perfect, but it's a crazy feeling to see what I've created in someone else's house.

So, what else can I tell you while I'm rambling...

This girl looks so much like her father!
I think the camera adds ten pounds to her cheeks. She's really not that chunky. She's still the smallest baby I have had. Can you believe she will be four months soon?

And this one...she's just crazy.

We are going to start working to get her in that toddler bed next week. She has become my chatter box. Since Shelby's been back home Bekah has learned "Stop", "Stop it", "Don't be mean" and "Yeeha!"

My goals are to get back on the right tack - get my priorities straight. Read (books, bible, blogs), write, and maybe take pictures with something besides my phone. Baby steps.

I hope you are doing well. I've missed being here. I'll do better.

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