Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saving Money: Thrifting

the act of shopping at a thrift storeflea marketgarage sale
or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent 
of finding interesting items at a low price.

Thrifting is something that is not new to me at all. I started thrifting in my early 20s when I became obsessed with all things vintage - actually that obsession started years earlier, but normally I'd pick up things at garage or estate sales. 

I've been knowm to find most of my clothes (and the girls' clothes) while thrifting, but lately it's been more crafting and home decor that has filled my goodwill cart. 

So, you ask how is this saving you money? Well, let's look at last night. I had had a rather cruddy day dealing with a major sinus headache (thanks to Texas weather) and the girls were all cranky. JAG came home and I said, "I just need to get out of the house." Normally, that statement would result in us lapping around the local mall and potentially spending up to $100, but last night JAG thought it would be best for me to run up the he closest thrift store alone - he knows me well. 

It was a good day at my local Texas Thrift. I picked up six items for a whopping total of $19! 
Flor de lis tote: $1.98 - I may add something to this and resale...or I may kept it. 
Two pillow cases: 99 cents each - possibly vintage, not sure, but these will be cut up and made into crafts. 
Two cross stitch pieces (my new obsession - JAG doesn't get it).
 The house was 99 cents and the Iris was 79 cents.

My biggest bargain of the night was this toddler bed
For the past week I've been searching Craig's List of Bekah a toddler bed.
 I was finding them for $50 to $200. This one was marked at $24, but it has a blue tag 
and yesterday was 50% off blue tags so it was just $12! I did a happy dance and snatched it up quickly. 
It needs to have the side rail put back on and a little tightening. I may paint it a cute yellow or turquoise. This has been my most excited thrift purchase yet and it saved me a ton of money. 

Last Friday I had a day out with my girl friends and all we did was thrift. 
I know - what am I doing? 
It's a cross between a hunch-back and a rapper pose - don't ask me, but it's not pretty. 

We had a blast, as we normally do together, getting started with a pot of coffee at 9 am. 
We hit a half dozen places, had lunch and cupcakes. 

I fit in well with these crazy women. 

I was able to take Morgan and Bekah with me.
I am blessed to have friends who love my girls as much as I do and will stand with them even if they are getting crabby as I check out. Thank you Michelle!

And also thank you for giving Morgan her first taste of chocolate icing. 
She loved it! - that's my girl!

At the end of the day I spent about $78 which is good shopping with these ladies. 
I came home with a haul that included
Milk Glass - JAG can't stand it, but I love milk glass. 
A galvanized tub which now holds toys in my living room.
A wooden tool box. My friend, Kelly, scored me a deal on this and the tub. This will be white washed and sold or gifted. I'll post all about my crafting later. 
A cute yellow shelf and plastic basket wall pockets for the girls' room
Old wooden pants hangers. Have you seen how they are used on pinterest? I'll show you soon.
Doilies, vintage table clothes and sheets. Crafty Crafty Crafty.
Amber glasses for 99 cents each! After I bought these I found them in an antique mall for $6 each. I've been after these since my trip to Branson last Summer. This color remind me of my Meme. I also have them in green which I picked up at an estate sale, but amber is great for Thanksgiving. 
A Melissa and Doug puzzle for $2 and green shorts for Bekah. 
An adorable teal metal flower. 

I have to say I showed a ton of restraint even though I probably didn't need to milk glass or amber glasses, but just think of the future tablescapes. I did pass up some lovely dishes because I knew JAG would die if I brought in another set - I have enough to feed an army. I always say you never know what pattern you will need - I blame it on my Aunt Becky, sorry, but you were the one that started all this madness and I know that you have dished boxed up just waiting to pass along to me. 

Thrifting brings me joy. It's fun to get out and find a bargain or something that you know that none of your friends will have. It's also great fellowship with you girlfriends, at least it is with mine. We all have our own style and you could hear us screaming across the store "Oh look what I found for you over here!"

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