Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Menu and Duh!

Well, I couldn't exactly call this Menu Plan Monday could I? It's it definitely Tuesday. Can I tell you how fast days past with a toddler and a 7 week old (7 weeks today...crazy).

Yesterday afternoon JAG and I were sitting on our bed in our clean room (benefit of me being home) eating pretzels when I said even though there are a few things that stressful right now this is the happiest time of my life. I love having a clean house and spending time with my girls, but I have also grown (quickly) to love the challenge of one income. I love that I spent yesterday morning chatting with Lacy (whose birthday was yesterday) about how I was amazed how cheap it is to just eat at home. (That's my Duh of this post).

Friday JAG made it home around 3:30 pm and I ran to get Shelby who had a stinker of a day. She had her first band competition and they did very well, but while she was there her boyfriend broke up with her. Ah dang...that's too bad. Yes, you know I had a huge sigh of relief and knew this was the perfect time to start the conversation again about how she didn't need a boyfriend. We are still talking - I've been trying to have little popcorn conversations with her on the way to and from school, but that is a completely different post.

Anyway, Shelby decided she was staying at home instead of going to her dad's house. That completely rocked my plans for dinner which were leftover pizza (I made the night before). Normally, at this point I would throw in the towel and head to McDonald's, but I think JAG was a bit shocked when I said I was going to run the store.

It took me about an hour mainly because I was fighting with the Redbox (it's a love hate thing when those things don't work and you reserve your movie online) to get everything I needed to a night at home. I spent only $32 and I was able to make:

Hamburgers with cheese, bacon & grilled onion and French Fries for 3 people (Bekah's schedule was really messed up and she ate leftover pizza early)
Bratwursts for my hubby
Brownie sundaes with vanilla or cookies & cream ice cream.

Do I need to tell you how much that would cost if we ate all that at a restraunt? I also had one hamburger and brats left over for lunch on Saturday along with leftover hamburger buns and frozen french fries (for later in the week). As you know from Brownie-gate we also had brownies and ice cream left (and still do).

With that $32 I also bought breakfast for my entire family for the next morning. I was AMAZED and it was the best meal I had had in awhile mainly because we were at home with very little stress and time together.

As I shared my amazement with my mother the next day by phone her tone changed and I know she was thinking well duh my child. I am not sure why this is so amazing to me, maybe it's the realization that I can do this and we can survive.

So, on to the rest of my week.

Grilled Taco and Lime Chicken
You have to try this. It's easy and my new go to marinade.
I paired this with simple romaine salad, flour tortillas and cheese.
The Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast
My family loves this so much that I have warn them multiple times that we need some leftover for later in the week. 
I paired this with mashed potatoes. I make them myself with potatoes butter and half & half. 
Tyson Breaded Chicken Patties with leftover Hamburger Buns (from above)
I believe you have to keep things simple to make it through the week. 
I paired this with the leftover frozen french fries. 

Beef Pot Pie
I use Ree's recipe and substitute left over pot roast for the meat. This time I have left over beef stock from the pot roast. When you make the pie crust you get two (one for this week and one for later)
I will pair this with a simple salad. 
Baked Chicken
Another simple meal. My mom bought a big bag of frozen chicken while she was here, so I am trying to get it out of the freezer. Frozen chicken is a dream it's so easy - I'll share more recipes later for the crockpot that are ideal for frozen chicken.
I plan to pair this with roast potatoes, carrots, onions and red peppers. The potatoes, onions and carrots are what is left of the bags that I didn't use on Sunday.

Angel Hair Pasta with Marinara Sauce
I am using what has been in my pantry for sometime. 
This will be paired with french bread (on sale for $1) and green beans (from a can...judge away)

This is my normal Friday night! I use Ree's pizza crust then either keep it simple with pepporoni or step it up as I did last week when I used some of the brisket we had left from Morgan's baptism. 

Oh man, changes with pinterest have made this post take so much longer to create then expected it's almost 11 and I have had a bite of anything for breakfast. I guess I should grab a brownie real quick and go rearrange the laundry. What are you cooking this week?

Post Edit: just wanted to toot my own horn and let you know that I took leftover mashed potatoes from Sunday and made potato pancakes for lunch. You can find the recipe here. Just call me Betty Crocker!

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