Friday, March 29, 2013

Shelby's First Funeral

My grandmother's funeral was a first for Shelby.

As she sat on the front row next to me prior to the services starting she asked question quietly that included how they move the casket. She handled everything well and gave me full run down of who did and didn't cry during the service. I balled...she confirmed it was an ugly cry.

I can always depend on my sweet soul of a child to make something out of an item she cherishes. She put this together when we got home.

And can also leave it to my daughter to be straight forward like she did below with her statement "Now that she is dead"

This is something I will cherish forever - it will be placed in the family bible where all the important art work goes. One day she will flip through the bible and find this as I have found many art creations I made for Meme.

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