Monday, March 11, 2013

Parenting Divorced

When I was in the first grade my parents separated for a period of time. I don't remember all of it, but as a seven year old I do remember the fun I had staying at my dad's apartment. We sleep in sleeping bags on the living room floor and spent a lot time at the swimming pool. I remember during that time receiving what were dream toys: cabbage patch kids and a commodore 64. Even though dad's house was fun; mom's house wasn't bad either. I took dance and had lots of fun girl time, but we lived life at mom's house that included school and the daily grind (if a seven year old had a daily grind).

This all came back to me the other day when I found this essay Shelby wrote for school.

She was suppose to answer: Think of a time when another person helped you do something that was important to you. Why did you need help to reach your goal? How did the other person help you?

She started off well, but they went on a bit of a tangent...I'll let you read.

My mom and stepdad help me achieve my goals. They help me reach good grades and encourage me to do my best everyday. I lean on them for help. (see good) My mom is pregnant again (again?) and when she helps me I help her with my little sister while she rests and my stepdad works nights so I do not see him that often. He is the one if I get in trouble is light on me, my mom is light on my too, but she is pregnant. I do not even let them know how much they are there for me but they are there for me a lot, (and here we go) but sometimes I wish I would live with my dad and stepmom. They make me feel like home like my mom and stepdad do but they do not do fun stuff. My step mom does my hair and we celebrate New Years and we do birthday parties but my mom just says we can do fun stuff but when I'm not pregnant like whatever. Well, my parents really help me out with everything I do in school mostly, and outside of school they are there for me and always will be right now and till I die. (I love that end is so dramatic) 

I could sit here and defend myself and to be honest when I first read this I thought, She HATES Me! Really, through I can only sit back and laugh. I get where she is coming from and I love her random off subject rant -  I guess she just needed to get it all off of her chest.

When I was first divorced I would get angry that everything was always rainbows and unicorns at her dad's and she had to deal with real life at home, now I am happy she gets a break from real life for awhile.

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  1. You are doing an AMAZING job with her! And if hate to break it to her, but if she lived here full time (just ask My kids) she wouldn't think we were all that fun! Ha! I'm glad we can be a "break" for you both!


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