Thursday, March 7, 2013

Boy Crazy

I need to talk to you about something before you go into the hospital. 


Well, there is this boy at school named D (real name withheld) and I like him and he likes me. He wants me to be his girlfriend, can I? I told him I couldn't answer him right now because I know I needed to asked you first. (ahhh she listens when I say no dating until 16). 

Well, Shelby what does dating mean for a sixth grader these days?

I don't know. 

Are you going to kiss him?

Oh no, I have no plans on kissing him and he isn't going to kiss me either. What did you do in the 6th grade?

I didn't date. 
(semi true statement: I had a two week relationship with Chris Ford the summer before 6th grade...and I may have let me him kiss me, but just once with my mouth closed). 
Back in my day you would hold hands at school, he would carry your books and your parents would take you to the mall where you'd walk around alone and maybe buy a soda or play pacman at the arcade. 
(those were the days)

Well, he treated the other girls he dated good. 

(so much for not passing judgement)

Just one.

I don't know Shelby, I'm going to have to think about this. 

This was the conversation on our way to church last night. On the way home it got worse...or atleast I think it did. 

So, you know J (name withheld again) right? 
(this is a boy in her youth group...I'm good friends with his mom and he is ADORABLE)


Well, I have something I want to tell you, but you have to guess.
(don't you hate when they do that to you.)

Ok, he was mean to you. 

No, I like him. He's really sweet and nice and like him. 

Does he like you?

I don't know yet, but he hugged me and now I like him. 

I don't like how you have become so boy crazy all of a sudden. I'm not ready for you to be grown up. 

Well, I'm a growing up so you will just have to deal with it. 

Oh man, I really don't remember being this boy crazy...well wait there was Jason Jackson...I was crazy about him starting in the 1st grade, but that was innocent and he thought I was crazy (which is typical of most boys at that age). This past weekend Shelby went to a youth event with other Lutheran youth groups and the first things she told me when she got back was "I didn't realize how many cute Lutheran boys there were." 

I feel like this just came out of no where and I am so not ready for this. After talking to some church mothers and JAG and my mother I've decided to let Shelby try out the "dating" thing. I told her that she is in Junior High and she won't be marrying this guy, so they will break up at some point and it will hurt. She understands. I told her ABSOLUTELY NO KISSING...she says I have nothing to worry about. I plan to have a nice long birds and bees and how awful boys are talk with her this afternoon. I will report back with the details (maybe not all of them) later. 

***I know boys aren't least not all the time...I'm planning to have the what to do when he says he loves you and will love you forever as long as you kiss him (OR WORSE). You know what I am talking about! 

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