Tuesday, March 12, 2013

All Packed and Ready

This Morning we check into the hospital for induction. I am officially all packed and ready to go. There are many packing lists on Pinterest, but I thought I would share (if you ever wanted to know) what I've packed.

I try to carry just two bags: Labor & Delivery and Aftermath. I pack two so one stays in the car until I needed and the other gets checked in with me.

In my Labor & Delivery Bag I Pack:

My Nook
My ipod
My point and shot camera with extra batteries
My Cannon (not shown because it was being used)
Chargers for everything
Some snacks for JAG
my makeup bag which will be thrown in at the last minute
Thank you gifts for the nurses

Thank you gifts are new with this pregnancy (Thank you Pinterest)
They were quick to whip together and included
A Dove Candy Bar
Hand Sanitizer
I made four, hopefully that will be enough. 

Then there is my Aftermath bag which includes things for me and Morgan:

Two Gowns and a Robe from Miss Elaine
I love Miss Elaine Gowns they are soft and very motherly. 
I hate having people visit when I am boobalious (it's a word and it happens after you have a baby)

More Socks
House Shoes
Extra Bra
Boy Short Underwear to hold up the thunderpads. I really don't want to wear mesh panties.
Thunderpads (huge overnight size pads)
Pose pads
Nursing Pads to help with leaking

Shampoo & Conditioner
Dry Shampoo because last year I didn't get to shower for a bit.
Tooth brush & toothpaste
Face wash and moisturizer
hair straightener
hemroid spray (don't you just love delivery)

For Morgan:
a going home outfit
3 burb rags
two onesies
three snap diapers shirts
two gowns
two caps

That's about it and if you are wondering because of the meds I am on now and after pregnancy, I will not be breastfeeding thus I am taking gowns instead of PJs. 

Wish us luck! I'll try to post at least a picture when I can! Keep an eye out on my side bar for Instagram pictures. 

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