Thursday, February 14, 2013


Maybe next year Valentine's Day will be more eventful, but this year I am exhausted and I have a ton on my plate and my mind, so we decided to buy for the girls and leave it at that. Of course JAG said last night he has a little something for me and I told him "I didn't even buy you a card." Sorry. It's been a tough couple of weeks.

Both JAG and Shelby still have up their special Valentine's that I made last year. You can see Shelby's here.

The girls still get to celebrate.

Bekah is going to have her first Valentine's party today at daycare, so I made sure that she looked the part.

I searched on Pinterest for toddler friendly valentines, since she's at an odd shove everything in your mouth age and this is what we found.

Last night we went to Ash Wednesday Service at church.

Beforehand we had a Lenten Supper and made this from Pinterest. It was DIVINE!!!

So, again maybe next year when I am not so pregnant and don't have so much on my mind our valentine's day will be much more creative. 

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