Saturday, February 2, 2013

Morgan's Wish List

This is my second child (and second girl) in a very short period of time and falling into tradition I will not have shower, but some have asked what we need or what they could get us, so I thought I'd post Morgan's Wish list.

1. Diapers
I could never have too many. I need newborn and size ones... preferably huggies, but I am not picky. 

2. Bottles
Avent 4 oz
Source: via Dana on Pinterest

3. Crib Sheets
Target has great Circo crib sheet right now...I love these two patterns.
Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

4. A Crib
Since Bekah will under the age of two by the time Morgan gets out of the bassinet I'm going to need two cribs. Again...I'm not picky...I would love to find a used crib to purchase so keep your eye out for me. 

Those are the things I REALLY need. Here are a couple of things I would like:

5. Onesie stickers
For monthly pictures
Source: via Dana on Pinterest

6. Donations for Infant Portraits
I would really love my friend Melissa at Bailey Bug Photography to take Morgan's infant pictures.

7. Monogrammed gowns
I've always wanted one for my girls, but have never spent the money. 

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

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