Thursday, January 3, 2013


Today is the first day back at work for 2013 and the first day for Shelby to go back to school - need I say reluctantly.

I really don't have anything major to share. Tuesday, after I wrote my post I went to the chalk board in our kitchen and wrote this:

When Shelby came home from being at her dad's she read it and said "cool."

Now that I am looking at I have seek spelled wrong...I have you see it? That is so me!

Today someone on Instagram asked what your favorite quote was and glanced over on my desk where I have a tone of quotes and say this one.

God didn't make any Junk
~Tammy Faye (then Bakker)

I thought that was pretty much in line with what I shared with you on Tuesday. I like that.

I think I am getting a cold...urgh...and we are expecting snow which is a love/hate thing. Anyway, I was supposed to have a dentist appointment this afternoon, but since I feel like poo I rescheduled because I think sitting there for an hour with my mouth open having six fillings done would make me feel even worse. Anyway, they were RUDE to me over the phone. I can't stand that! Yes I know I am rescheduling the day of and yes I will pay your $25 fee even though I know my dentist will re-book that time before Noon today...he's that busy. I just wonder where the customer service has gone sometimes? I am your customer. I don't have to come see you...there are dentists on every block and not to mention I've gone to this one on and off since I was 18 and just paid an arm & a leg for two crowns. URGH!

I think that's all I have for now...

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