Saturday, January 26, 2013

Song for You Saturday

Let's shake this up a bit and get personal...not too personal.

When I was I guess 13 I met an adorable boy who used to ride is bike to my house and leave notes with teddy bears on my front porch. He was my "first love" know the love you have in the seventh grade.

Well, as most seventh grade romances go...we broke up and then  I made the move to South Texas. Fast forward twenty years with the help of social networking, I found my first love one evening. It was great reconnecting with him and learning the paths that each of our lives had taken.

Today, he is a very talented musician and every time I hear him sing I grow more and more proud of what he has accomplished. So, today I share with you the acoustic version of Wrong Side of the Tracks by TJ Broscoff.

Unfortunately, I haven't seen TJ in person in about 4 years. I keep meaning to make it to a show, but I've been a little busy having babies lately. I invite you to visit his website and hear his talent and if you happen to find yourself near an upcoming show stop by...tell him I sent you.


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