Monday, December 24, 2012

Stress Free Christmas

Other than being up to my ears in baking at the last minute I'm having a stress free Christmas. Normally, today would be filled with last minute gifts and stressing out about if I've bought enough for Shelby.

This year I started shopping early and I decided to go with four gifts:

1. Something she wanted.
2. Something she needed.
3. Something to wear.
4. Something to read.

It was easy and quick. We decided on a new bible for her something to read and it was actually the most expensive thing that we purchases (I used coupons and sales for everything else).

My daughter get tons of things - some that never get used, so I wanted to tone it down some and focus on quality not quantity. I did the same thing for Bekah. We will see how it goes far so good for me.

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