Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 – Learning New Things

2013 will be the year that I learn new crafts and actually make them! Well…that was my thought 5 minutes ago, but then it dawned on my that 2013 will be the year that I will have two babies under the age of 2 and a pre-teen…so I might learn something new in 2013 and I might now – how is that for a resolution?

Two years ago my sister in-law gave me this book for Christmas.

  I should really use it and learn how to make awesome pretties like this:

I would love to recreate this beauty that my mother in-law made years ago:

While my mother is in town for the holidays I really need her to teach my how to crochet so that I can make this:

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

Before next Christmas I want to make this:

Source: via Dana on Pinterest

Or even the version that reminds me so much of my childhood:

This past weekend I created a craft for the youth group at my church to use for their Birthday Party for Jesus. I found such peace in madness of life by taking time to create something. 

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