Friday, October 19, 2012


I feel a little ungrateful after my post yesterday, not sure if you feel the same way of not. I think I just needed a swift kick in the butt to remember just how blessed I am to have the life I have right now.

Last weekend I went to our church’s women’s retreat. I was given the opportunity to lead a session and a craft. The entire weekend I thought how blessed I was that I had such a great church family. Each one of those women made a mark on my heart and I am so grateful to have that time with them. Even though I learned I am allergic to pine and I am still getting over it.

While I was there I was overwhelmed with the feeling of God’s grace. I’ve gotten I huge dose of God’s grace and continue to get it everyday. Just the pure fact that I am living the life I have today is amazing. I’ve been given the opportunity to have a marriage I’ve always dreamed of and given the opportunity to have more children. Three years ago I was set that I would be single mother forever and that all my love would go to Shelby forever and she would have not siblings, which made me sad.

All of those thoughts took me back to my husband and I get so emotional to think about the trials he went through to be where he is today and I’m telling you to not be one single bit bitter about it all. Urgh crying. I can’t begin to imagine the pain and the heartache my love went through losing his first wife. I can’t imagine what is views of his future were. I am so glad I found him.  

Without sounding conceited we blessed each other. God put us together in his perfect time and everything after that has been pure bliss. Things aren’t always perfect, but they are perfect enough for us, right honey?

It’s true that I want more than what I have in the way for my job. I feel the tug to be at home so bad, but God hasn’t given me that green light yet. I fell like he is telling me to get my junk together first. He’s telling me that I can pull off being at home if I stop picking up little extras at target twice a week and other spending that is totally unnecessary. That takes self discipline that I need to get quickly. I’m working on it…that’s call I can say.

I am blessed beyond measure for my girls and baby #3. I think I’ve said that over and over again.

So, life isn’t bad at all. Some days I get down, but I just need to pull myself up by my bootstraps as my mother always says and push on. I need to cook more! I foresee a menu planning Monday post, so watch out of it.

How has God blessed you?

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