Friday, August 3, 2012


It's going to be an Insta-catch up day. I've fallen behind in a lot of things lately.
Sharing my Birchbox goodies with friends to see if theirs were different.

I started drinking again and then found out this picture now captures my last glass of wine...keep reading.

Our new lamp from Target. I feel in love with the burlap shade.

Need some drama - read Delilah's story.

I was so excited to get a package from Kasey!

She gave me her new bible study to sample and now it's our next Sunday morning offering.
Find out more about Kasey's ministry at

Did you know Mr Rodgers comes on at about 4 am on PBS? Bekah has had an odd sleeping schedule lately. 

We spend way too much time in this store, but it's Bekah's favorite.

Passed out during Dinner

We learned how to clap hands!

A little new ink that means the world to me. I will share more later.

JAG made us watch Pirates of Penzants (not sure is that is the correct spelling)

Tired old dog in need of a bath.

She is getting so big!

Bekah had to have blood work done. She did awesome and laughed through most of it. 

Breakfast makes Bekah Happy

Not sure if you can see the rash that cause us to have to have blood work done, but it was scary mommy moment.

Trying on new shoes

Both want outside, but it's way too hot.

We went to see Grammy and she finally finish Bekah's afghan.  Bekah loves it.

Sleep sisters

checking to see if we picked up the right dog from the groomers...that doesn't look like Bekah's puppy

I spend so much money on toys and my baby spends hours in the clothes basket.

I went, but on Tuesday not Wednesday and frankly I am pretty tired of talking about it all.

Last, but not least: We found out this week that Bekah will be a big sister in the Spring. I am in the yucky party of pregnancy. We are a bit shocked, but very excited.
life rearranged

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