Thursday, August 9, 2012

I am Craving Fall and Ranting Slightly

Today it is chilly in my office and I am wearing jeans with a cardigan. I have a craving for hot chocolate with extra marshmallows in a big mug. Speaking of mugs, I went mug shopping during lunch for the Mug Swap. I found one, but it wasn't the one. When I find the right one that fits my recipient perfectly I will know. I did find a lovely owl mug...I may go back and get it for myself - it was just $3, but I am sure JAG would moan as I attempt to cram it into the cabinet with all my other had to have mugs. Don't you just love mugs?

Anyway, it is a lovely 102 degrees in North Texas today and I would rather stay in my Fall-like office the rest of the day instead of leaving work - yes it's that hot. I love Fall. It is my favorite season. I am a Fall baby (November) and My babies are Fall Babies (September & October). Also, JAG is a Fall baby. I know this is getting annoying. I just wanted to tell you I love FALL and this year I am IMPATIENT!

Since misery loves company, I found these Fall shots on Pinterest and I want to torture you with them!

Can I live here please? I wonder what it looks like during the Summer.

I would invite you over to my lovely cottage to have some wine. Well, maybe not this Fall, but I am available during Fall 2013. 

Afterwards we could walk off the calories here:

I would be wearing this, but I would have a bump (3rd child...the bump shows up sooner). 

How about living by a barn...that would be divine! 
Source: via Dana on Pinterest

By a barn on the corner of this street:
Source: via Tamara on Pinterest
It looks a bit curvy to have corners, but maybe. 

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

I could do this all day - I really love Fall! I am ready for 70 degree loveliness. Until then I will be the crazy one drinking hot chocolate while sweating in this awful Summer heat!

I hope you are having a blessed Thursday! I am splendid. I had a long chat with myself this morning in the minivan. I was planning on stepping up on my soap box to lecture someone (of course passively on my blog instead of calling her) about being grateful for what she has and to stop comparing what she has to others. Please don't text me, no it's not you or you! In the middle of composing the perfect blog in my head I stopped and said, "um Dana. You know the other day when you were moaning about sickness and how you couldn't stand being pregnant. Did you not realize that you have dear friends who experience heartache every month when it is determined they are not expecting and they have been attempting to have a child for years?" I need to be grateful for what I have - morning sickness. It is a little side affect of the huge miracle of life that is taking place inside my body right now (and I'm not really that sick at all). I am thankful that God has blessed me with another baby even it doesn't exactly fit into my full calendar of life. Everything this done in God's timing, not mine - I am grateful for that. Wow...I wasn't expecting to go off on the tangent.

I did pull one verse to help me with my soapbox moment this morning:
Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. ~1 Thessalonians 5:18

Also because I can't stop myself from being passive (I am sure there is a bible verse for that too):
Love your parents, they are the only ones you have. Don't compare their circumstances to others because your parents are truly unique beings created by God. I am grateful for every ounce of my parents' uniqueness (and craziness). Again, I know many people who would love to give their parents hugs right now and have their children spend even a minute with their grandparents, but that is no longer a possibility for them. Love your family - I love mine. **turn off mic, step off box.** thank you.

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