Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Road Trip: Cape Girardeau

There is something going us with JAG and I...we actually made it somewhere on time (in yesterday's post) and I actually wrote out thank you notes from our trip and mailed them within a week...that is a big thing for me! I am terrible at writing thank you notes.

Back to our trip:

On Sunday morning we work-up and had condo church with JAGdad, MamaB, and JAG's Aunt Suzi and Uncle Stan. Their two daughter were with us also - of course I have no pictures!!! I spaced, sorry. Everyone fully enjoyed being in the word while gathered in the living room of our condo. Afterwards I think some swimming took place by the girls and Shelby while Bekah napped and I got in some much needed study of Ruth. We are using a retreat kit from Group Publishing for our Women's retreat this year and Ruth is the focus, so I am reading up...getting all the knowledge I can to be prepared.

That afternoon we loaded up the van and headed back on the road for four hours. The scenery was just as lovely, but this time it was farms - tons and tons are farmland.

I have to admit, this city girl said "Look honey it's wheat!" To which JAG corrected me by saying that the fields were full of corn. I of course rebuttled with "No, I have blogger friends in Kansas and that is wheat I've seen it...oh wait...umm...that is corn! I told you it was corn, but you just didn't believe me." This typical of our discussions - he is pretty much always right and I try my best to find something that he is wrong about. 
JAG: 2 million     Dana: 0

We made it into Cape about 7pm to find that GrandmaB had spent her afternoon/evening preparing a lovely dinner for us. It made my heart melt to see she brought out her good plates and glasses. She made us a special dip with our sandwiches and even brought out her special serving pieces. I had to take a few deep breathes because as soon as I walked into her retirement village apartment I was flooded with emotions and memories of my Meme and how much Meme loved to have us over to eat. GrandmaB even had a plate of fresh sliced tomatoes - it was home.

GrandmaB's apartment is covered with pictures of all her grandkids (JAG has 3 bothers and four cousins) and great grandkids. She is one proud grandmother. I was so excited to find and snap of picture of this one (you saw it yesterday) that was hanging proudly on her fridge.

JAG is the oldest of all the grandchildren so there were a few extra of him. Look at his cuteness sitting in that 1970's lawn chair - my parents had these too.

Pretty soon it was late and way past GrandmaB's bedtime so she showed us to our room there in her building - it was nice, just like staying in a hotel. Shorty after we got unloaded there was a knock on our door and I just knew we were making too much noise for our neighbors. When I went to answer it I was surprised to find GrandmaB there - she was just making sure we found the room and that we made it and there were no problems.

Early the next morning (right at 7 am) there was another knock on the door which I was more prepared for since we had made arrangement to have breakfast with GrandmaB in the dinning room. There she was in her good red outfit full of spirit and ready for the day.

She was ready to show us off! We got the opportunity to meet her girlfriends. I loved seeing how proud she was of the girls.

After breakfast we jumped in the van for a tour of Cape Girardeau. GrandmaB has lived there for a very long time and raised her children there as well, so she was a pro tour guide plus she has the gift for talking so we got all the details.

We went by the house where she lived with JAG's grandfather.
not the best picture, but as you can tell someone was living there

Bekah wasn't too excited by the history of her family - someday she will be.
I had to laugh because our next stop was down by the river. GrandmaB had to take us to see the "palace of sin" they are building in Cape. 
Palace of Sin = Casino
Then she took us through neighborhoods of house that you could purchase if you made it big during your visit of the sin palace. 

Next stop, the river. Which I believe is the Mississippi (so much for my geography). Little did I know we were a stones throw (or a major doggy paddle) away from Illinois. 

What? Doesn't everyone teach their daughter to drive at 9 months?

After the river we were hungry and wanted to take GrandmaB to lunch. We were planning on someplace nice as our treat, but she insisted on McDonald's because she has a major hankering for an apple pie - that is a woman after my heart! We couldn't refuse apple pies!

After lunch I learned that JAG's family history rand deep in Cape. We got to see this home which is on the historic register. I believe that JAG's great great grandfather owned it or maybe a great great great...not really sure, but it was so neat!
I fell in love with the old home is Cape Girardeau - look at the iron work and the front door that matches the swing - I love it!

Since we were so close the Illinois we decided to drive over the bridge so Shelby could add another state to her list. After that is was off to a park where JAG had so many fond memories of playing on this black train.

If you remember I have really been into my family history, doing geneology research and finding old pictures. GrandmaB was thrilled when we told her we wanted to take her the cemetery so she could give us more history. 

It was very neat to see that Bekah has a family member that was part of the Daughters of the American Colonists.On my side she and Shelby have linage in the Daughters of the Confederacy - since my great great grandfather died during his service in the Civil War.

We wore GrandmaB out so it was back to her place for more pictures. I love old pictures especially of people I know!
JAGdad being held by his father - he was 8 weeks old

JAG always said he looks just like his grandfather, but man this picture gave me chills...their profiles match so much. He looks a bit like JAG's brother Tim, too.

Look at this one...this is the day that GrandmaB went to St. Louis to pick out her wedding dress. I love her hat!

And boy did she have a big wedding

We spent the afternoon hearing stories and taking more pictures then it was off it Saint Charles to see JAG's Aunt and Uncle. 

I love all of these:

Looking at the two of them together I think I see some similarity. I am almost positive she will be a spitfire like her great grandmother. GrandmaB kept saying "you just leave her here with me and I'll take good care of her." 

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