Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Bekah

***Taking a small break from my Summer Road Trip replay, so I can share this wonderful post with you***

Dear Bekah -

During our trip to the Midwest you turned Nine Months Old! I cannot believe you have officially been on the outside of me longer than the time you spent cooking in me and we only have 3 months before you turn the be ONE!!! Yikes! Don't worry mommy has been party planning. I kind of feel bad for your sister - she had some great birthday parties, but they were all before pinterest. Party planning is much easier with pinterest!

At Nine Months:
You weigh 22 lbs and 15 oz (96%)
You are 28.5" tall (70%)
and your head is 47.3" (99%) 
big head=big brain=smart girl...just like mommy.
Playing with sandbox toys - the only way I could keep her in one place

Let's see what is new this month: you stand and you walk while holding things. You've learned to smile when mommy shoves a camera in your face...except when mommy really needs pictures - that's when you decide to not look at mommy at all. 

You are full of energy and love to laugh! Today mommy is baby proofing the house...which I should have done months ago because you are attracted everything that is dangerous.

And just the same as last month - you are so hard to photograph. I had started a tradition (I guess) of taking pictures of you at your doctor's appointments. The doctor's office has the best lighting and even pictures from my iphone look good. Today proved to be more difficult than before. 

It took many tries to get one that was a keeper. 
Bekah's Nine Month Doctor's Appointment...yes that's a booger!
Some of my favorite pictures of you were taken on the examining room table at the doctor's office. 

Two Weeks

Two Months

Four Months

Six Months

Sick Appointment in April

I think Daddy can agree with me that nine months is the best! You are so perfect and so adorable sweet. You give us kisses all the time and keep us busy. Sister still loves you to death, too. We all thank the Lord everyday that you were given to us!

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