Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear Bekah

Dear Bekah - 

You are Seven Months old now (actually 7 months and 10 days). It is hard to believe that in just four short months you will a year old.

You've become so much harder to photograph lately because you just cannot sit still.

You've become such a big girl in the last month. You have two teeth and actually have gone through teething easily so far. It makes me sad when your baby face looks like a little girl.

Crawling is your main focus lately. You get very frustrated when you can't seem to get your legs and arms to move together.

You're personality is booming. You are loud and have the cutest fake laugh - you still hold your real laugh for tickles.

We went to get you some new clothes because you quickly grew out of six month clothes and now have grown out of nine month right into twelve month - that makes mommy sad! You've are growing up to quickly.

I still think that you have daddy's eyes...maybe his smile too.

Sister loves you so much and can't seem to put you down.

Daddy is feeding you in this pic so you have a dirty face and clothes.

We are beyond blessed and love you so so much!

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