Sunday, April 15, 2012

Catching Up: My Bishop Pawn is Going to…

Yeap that is correct scratch #73 off of my bucket list – I learned how to play chess! A very knowledgeable skill (does that makes sense at all) and a great way to bond with my husband.

I thought JAG was about to bust at the seams when I asked “Wanna teach me to play chess?” He pulled out all of his sets and I mean all – like 20 to 25 of them!

We started with a small starter set that I actually bought at Target because I had a craving to play checkers…odd huh?

I learned that this piece can only move this way and this one can jump and this one is important and if this one is gets taken it’s all over. I should impress you with my new large chess vocabulary, but I am sure I would lose a few readers in the process.

After a few games JAG suggested we play with the big set. We are talking 6 inch pawns and 18 inch kings here! It covers half over half of my coffee table.

Then, chess became an addiction – I think the addiction is to actually win a game without JAG’s help – still haven’t master that…guess I should put it on my bucket list.

I can put it right next to #37  - giving birth to a child at home. Ha! What in the world was I thinking – this was written pre Bekah. My hospital birth was a dream…I will stick with that. Well, maybe…I won’t remove it from my list just yet – you never know. And again, no mother I am not pregnant – she worries about those things.

I could cross out #55 Lead a Bible Study Group, but I think I want to successfully complete leading (or co-leading) a group first.

I started, but haven’t yet completed #48 – Read the Bible – all of it. It is that all of it part that gets me.

Anyway, if you want to help with my bucket list or offer suggestions you can find it at the top or blog or just click here

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